I can't make the EQT meeting in waynesburg on the 14th If any one is going could you please let me know what was said.and what your take on it was.  Thank you     

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You didn't miss much. Lasted  an hour. Toby talked about his start in the gas industry...selling to eqt…and his commitment to treating landowners fair. Answered a few questions from the crowd and that was it.

thank you  still no really good info as to what he's going to do  

He will do what is best for the shareholders of EQT his fiduciary responsibility

there has to be a way for both sides to get a fair shake in this. I sure hope Toby Rice is the answer 

I am very pleased to see that Toby is back in charge. I am in the Ohio group and before the change in ownership, Rice had numerous fairly regular meetings with the landowners. We felt that we at least had a clue as to what was happening. I am glad that he is taking the time once again to talk to folks, even if only briefly as bootmud said. At least we are back in the loop.

yes I agree Rice was not bad to work with before they sold to EQT. 


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