Have any of you fellow gaslanders/frackivists ever considered the amount of O/G pollution that occurs everyday at gas stations, truck stops, service centers, backyard oil and gas dumping by do it yourself mechanics.....Let alone the ENORMOUS amounts of oil, gas & hydraulics that spew over our roadways and farm fields 24/7 from rundown and/or leaky vehicles and tractors - a lot of which are owned by poor folks that simply can't afford to have them fixed and just tryin to get to work, or by OTR truckers that are just rolling down the road?  I would hazard a guess that in comparison to a "few" legitimate accidents in the drilling community, these events far outweigh almost anything they have done in decades.  Lets not even get into factory pollution or runoff into lake erie.  Think about it.  IMHO

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"Cash for anything that Leaks" !  It would have to include all the old Farmall H &C models, John Deere, Ford and every other gas or diesel powered machine farmers have been using for 100 years. Good idea!  Can you get that into legislation "city slicker" while I get my crops harvested?  Just messing - I appreciate your input Chip.


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