I signed a boilerplate lease in August of 2006. (singed with Range Resources; since sold to Enver Vest). This week I received a letter and check advising they were renewing lease for another term per paragraph 19. I know what this says and it appears pretty clear cut they have that right.Does anyone know of any cases where this has been successfully challenged? I hate to pay an attorney to tell me what appears to be self explanatory.

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Are you getting royalty checks?  My paragraph 19 says something about a having a "bonafide offer" from another company I should give Lessee first dibs on matching or beating the offer.  This was  a Cabot well signed 1992 by my mother. My parents started signing leases in 1985.  My gas well is in Venango Co, it is an older well but I still get royalty checks.  Hoping to get a marcellus.  

Possibly you should talk to lease lawyer like Bruce Rosen ph  814 677 3094.  

Joan Hayen


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