With a major slow down of drilling what does that do to the 2nd term leases going to expire in the near future 3rd term or a lease extension possible?

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I am wondering the same thing. I’m thinking leases will just expire

This may be semantics, but the secondary term of an oil and gas lease is after there has been production under the lease.  A slow down in drilling is unlikely to have any effect on leases currently in the secondary term.  The only plausible scenario would be for the wells drilled under the lease to be shut-in, and even at that point, it would depend upon the shut-in provisions within the lease.

Hope that helps.

If your main 5 year term of the lease is getting ready to expire, it's up to the company if they want to extend the lease. Just because you have an extension clause in your lease doesn't mean the company has to honor it.  If it is Chevron, I wouldn't hold your breath with any extensions. There is also a lot more to this as BW_Appalachia mentioned in his reply. Who is the company and what area are you in? I can look it up to see if there is permits filed or declaration of unitization recorded.

Swn in Brooke county wv 

My buddy is doing curative work for SWN in Brooke, they should be renewing you. When is your lease up?

We are already in the second term it expires 2022 

Nick do you know of an up to date web site I can look at permits and pool declarations for Brooke county wv ?

Not Nick, but for permits you can go to the WV Office of Oil and Gas website Permit search WV Permits search and use Brooke for the county and pick a recent date.

For more information if you have an API number: go to the WV Office of Oil and Gas Weekly Reports section Weekly Reports and check every week for your county in the recent Weekly Reports (or from the Permits site). Then go to the ApplicationXtender site (read the instructions first) and do a New Inquiry and put in the API number as instructed. There is sometimes an abundance of information.  This is a complicated site but worth learning about.

Hope somebody can help with the documents site for Brooke County where you would find the Declaration of Pooling.

Thanks Nancy!

Thank you Nancy 

Glad to help. Hope somebody has the Brooke County help.

Jefferson County Ohio for me. Lease is through Chesapeake who was bought by Encino. Lease ends August of this year.


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