With a major slow down of drilling what does that do to the 2nd term leases going to expire in the near future 3rd term or a lease extension possible?

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Can someone help and tell me why I can’t see all the replies on these topics. It says there is 20 messages but i can only see 5

Are you on mobile?  If so, if you click on the blue number under a person's comment then that will open the replies under that comment.  For example, under NickC6648's comment there is a blue 17 (as of right now) so click on that and it will bring up the replies to his/her comment.

Yea i do but it doesn’t bring up all 17. Only 5 comments

Have you seen the Range Resources 2020 Budget - spending 29% less than 2019. Leasing is going to be tough the next couple of years. 

I agree Becky it doesn’t look good and range is one of the more stable companies out there 


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