Has anyone heard anything about what happened today?

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A  Facebook post says "plugs failed".    Ohio Highway Patrol says Rt 255 may be closed a couple of days.

Just checked Channel 9 news in Steubenville; they are reporting 28 homes within a mile and a half radius evacuated.   No injuries. 

Searcherone if you would? Please excuse my ignorance but what are the plugs for? I know that they have been fracking it for at least a month.

glad there were no injuries,take Baptist Ridge RD as a detour,you will go around it and come out in Duffy on RT 7.

Sorry, st. Croix, but I am only quoting a comment posted by someone.   And I don't know what the plugs are.    I am only guessing here that it may have to do with pressue.   

I do know that on a multiple well pad when a new well is being fracked  the ones previously online have to be shut in meaning no product is flowing from the well head into a sales line.

Plugs are used when fracking.
Plugs are used when fracking to get the pressure built up in the zone they are fracking. They do not fracf the whole well at one time.
harry appreciate the information

I wonder if there was lateral communication between the laterals that were being fracked and the lateral that was plugged? 

Does make one wonder.  Just hope it is contained by the end of today.

I do believe the plugs are from shutting in the other wells on this pad.  There will eventually be 18 wells divided up by units.  My interest is in A.  For safety purposes they shut in all the wells when drilling and then will open the production back up.    I just hope its not to long to be contained and they don't have to permanently close it due to too much pressure issues.  I've read where they could not control a well and so they shut it down permanently.    I am wondering what unit this incident is in.  So if anyone gets info please post it.  I had just hear from the landman a week ago production would be on before the end of the year and now this.....Guess its always a waiting game with little to no information.

 I am sure that Eclipse will take notice as they are to begin drilling on their Vanos unit, which is the next one north of the Stalder.


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