We signed a lease with Phillips in 2007 which was sold 2 years later to Atlas. No drilling has been done to date. The lease is due to expire early next year. We have been contacted by letter and voice mail by a representative of Chevron to I presume, extend the lease. 

Does anyone know what the current level of interest is in Fairview Twp. and what the bonus / royalty amounts are that are being offered? The amounts I am seeing here being offered in neighboring townships is much higher than we were given in 2007. If there is still an interest in Fairview, I would rather let the lease expire and explore my options. 

Also, is there a landowner group that has been created that includes Fairview?


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I  own some land up by Eldorado. And if you would by chance look at the leases that atlas has signed the last few year. It look like that their going to be going from Karns City  thru Fairview  up to Eldorado  then over to Parker back to easter part of Karns city. It seem that they are working this area. I also have some land up by North Washington, Pa. I was offered $3000.00 a acres for 15% For 5 year with a addition 5 year more. I wouldn't "t go for much less in this area. I think whe are in a hot bed
Thanks for the reply Larry.  We are in the Karns City area.  It is good to know there is still interest in the area!  I do not live on the property.  We have a summer home / hunting camp there so I don't get much chance to talk to my neighbors and folks that live in the area to get the latest news.  I have reposted this discussion on the Butler County group page.


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