For those of you who live in Fairview Twp, Butler county, Pennsylvania has anyone heard from Chevron that they surrendered your lease?  I signed in October 2012 and never heard back from Chevron.  I made several calls to Chevron and eventually one of their landmen returned my call and told me that Chevron was surrendering the leases in that area.  I then found on the Butler County Access web site that my gas/oil lease had been surrendered by Chevron.  At least ten other leases have also been surrendered as was mine but not two of my neighbors who signed when I signed in October.

 I know several individuals who live less than 1/2 mile from me that received checks from Chevron, one is my neighbor across the street who signed the same day that I signed.  I cannot get anyone at Chevron to return my calls.  Does anyone have any idea what Chevron is doing in Fairview Twp?

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How close do you live to the Fairview township building?  I heard that they don't own there gas rights, and some heir owns them and at least 1000 acres in the area.

Cherry road, maybe a mile or so.    I don't think gas rights are the problem; my deed indicates that I have all mineral/gas rights etc. except coal.  But I did talk to a Chevron guy today that confirmed they are not going to pursue this area, and the leases, like mine that were signed are going to be surrendered by Chevron.   So they were, now they are not.

I have seen the drill path from the Lenard well site.  It leaves the Lenard farm, and almost follows Fairview road right up and into the town of Fairview. They are going to drill it either late this year, or early next year. Although, I don't  know where Cherry road is. I don't know how many acres you own, but chevron don't seam to have a good PR with people that live right beside their drill sites.  I know a guy that owns less then a half acre, that is within 600 feet of the top hole of the hindman well.  Chevron gave him a lease, then before he could sign, they pulled the offer.  For $1500, chevron could have made him happy, but now, he is against drilling since he got left out. 

I don't know anything about them, but EM Energy has leased a few parcels recently in Fairview Township. They have leased quite a few parcels in northeastern Butler County. You could check with them to see if they have any interest.

Thanks Geo5, that info is helpful.

Might pay you to have a title search done. My deed to 21 of my acres says someone else owns only the coal rights so I thought I owned all the rest. Wrong! The original deed pertaining to the separation of mineral , gas and coal rights dated 1928 is worded differently to include all of the above. This was several landowners ago. Lawyers get lazy and use standardized lease documents to save some typing and things can get morphed over the years. Are or were there any big mining companies in Fairview Twp.? My hunch is that possibly alot of gas rights in the area may be owned by others who have leased already with a different gasco and Chevron has discovered this while doing title searches.

Here in New Beaver Borough , Lawrence County this scenario has been playing out. During the early part of the 1900's a cement company in Wampum bought up alot of farms in our area for the coal mines to fire their kilns and limestone to make cement. My parcel was owned by them for a short while due to the coal. When their mine caved in due there being no stone overburden to support the mine , they sold these farms and retained ALL coal , gas , and mineral rights. Shell has a standing agreement with the current owners of this co. (Cemex now) to lease all their mineral holdings as known or discovered during title searches. That's how mine was discovered.

Just throwing that out there as a possibility as this has happened alot around here and elsewhere where mining has occurred in the past.

Thanks Glenn, I will look into that also.

Cherry road is 2 miles north of Chicora.  I have 5 acres.  Thanks for the information, I will check it out.  I  agree that Chevron's PR leaves something to be desired.

Thank you Oliver.  I will check it out.


I didn't realize it until now but EM Energy is EdgeMark Energy. They have leased in many parts of Butler County, and were issued a recent drilling permit with another pending for the Morrow Pad in Concord Twp. and another pending for the Cratty Pad. Here is a link to their permits, good luck to you.

Thanks for the additional info Oliver.  I will look into EM Energy.

John, I had the guys from Em energy drop a lease of for me today. I'm on cherry rd and signed with Chevron back in October but they never recorded my lease. I told these guys about the situation with Chevron out here and they were going straight to the courthouse for a list of the leases on cherry rd. I think you'll be hearing from them soon.


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