For those of you who live in Fairview Twp, Butler county, Pennsylvania has anyone heard from Chevron that they surrendered your lease?  I signed in October 2012 and never heard back from Chevron.  I made several calls to Chevron and eventually one of their landmen returned my call and told me that Chevron was surrendering the leases in that area.  I then found on the Butler County Access web site that my gas/oil lease had been surrendered by Chevron.  At least ten other leases have also been surrendered as was mine but not two of my neighbors who signed when I signed in October.

 I know several individuals who live less than 1/2 mile from me that received checks from Chevron, one is my neighbor across the street who signed the same day that I signed.  I cannot get anyone at Chevron to return my calls.  Does anyone have any idea what Chevron is doing in Fairview Twp?

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Thanks Kristen.  I appreciate the info.  

Kristen, Do you have contact information for EM?  Was their deal the same 3K per acre and 15% royalty as Chevron?  Thanks.

Sorry, I must have missed this.  Yes their deal was the same.  Contact info is Gary Schenck 304-612-1150

Thanks so much.

So I received payment on Friday, October 11, 2013 for part of my lease (2.61 acres out of 13.78) after emailing the landman for a couple weeks.  The 90 days for the lease would have been up on Tuesday the 15th so I guess they paid in time...well partially anyway.  I was also told I would have the remaining payment "very soon" without any explanation as to why only partial payment was received.  Anyone else hear anything from Edge Mark yet?


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