Feel like I have been left in the dark! Does any one  know anything about Aubrey and any drilling? I NEVER hear about any activity concerning his company(AEP). I first signed on with Shell, then Shell sold out to AEP and that has been that. Does anyone else, that has their lease through AEP, know ANYTHING about what is going on and when there might be some drilling starting?

The other companies are so much ahead of AEP! You are always hearing about this well and that well or company but never anything about Aubrey's AEP company doing anything. Am I the only one hooked up with AEP? I never see anyone else asking questions about AEP). ---------Fell like the lone ranger!

Thanks for any info you might have.

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Dexter.... that's the first thing I can honestly say I agree with you on... Norman you need to watch for the ruling on Kenneth Buell  V. North American Coal (Chesapeake) in the Ohio Supreme Court. It was heard 2 weeks ago.

Your Shell lease could be saving event.... I think...



Check out the ruling that was just handed down in Monroe county. May be similar to your situation ,


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