I put this in the "Finally, some science to go along with the Hysteria" category.
As a geologist I have never been comfortable with the shoddy "proof" that
the DEP used to confirm that Marcellus drilling ruined the Dimock water
supply. I have heard A LOT of anecdotal evidence from both industry and
the field level DEP inspectors that gas was in the water supply long
before any drilling even started in Susquehanna County. And I have been
very critical of Cabot for not speaking up sooner if they believed they
were innocent of the accusations.
Well, looks like the industry just fired a salvo back across the bow of the governmental agencies. No,
maybe more like a direct hit...broadside.
This is a long read but Cabot seems to have proof, including testing and signed affidavits.
Every anti drilling group uses Dimock as their poster child...looks like they won't be able to anymore...IF THEY ARE HONEST!

This will get interesting.

Article with links to Cabots letter to Secretary Hanger

Cabots letter to Secretary Hanger

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Jim-- Northrup is no shill. I've been following his posts for some time, and he admits his biases up front. He's gone out of his way to educate people to his point of view. Whatever are his other business interests, I don't think he's trying to con anyone, but merely wants to explain his point of view. You are free to agree with him or disagree. --Tom

Tom anyone can explain their point of view, I have no problem with that. However when they use credentials to advance their point of view as being professional fact it becomes a whole new issue.

  Case in point I know a woman that was convicted of murder in Ohio. She spent 15 years in prison based upon in part upon testimony by a toxicologist for the prosecution. After 15 years it was discovered the so called expert WAS NOT TOXICOLOGIST! She was set free in a deal where she would not sue the state and agree to plead guilty of manslaughter with time served. She still contends her innocence, what the jury did not hear was the deputy chief of police was dating the xwife of the deceased that would get double life insurance along with state victim funds of $50,000! 


  This person took part in convincing two juries that believed his word by his credentials. 

  The so called Toxicologist was convicted and was sentenced to 30 days but it sure didn't repay 15 years in prison. http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/2010/05/13/story-licking-county...

  This is not a game for some, It is a new beginning for some, for some to put their children into college for the first time in the family tree. To some it might mean living as a senor citizen where they can afford to go to a doctor. These people deserve as much help (truthful) as they can get!

  I guess I am just a Proud Old Hill Billy but in my neighborhood honesty means something.


Billy-- That's a terrible story you tell about the Ohio woman. Glad she is out now. It sounds like she deserved way better.

I descend from some proud West Viginia hill billies, so I can related to how you feel about your neighborhood.

If Jim has some ulterior motive for his posts, then I'd like to find out what it is too. I was merely reacting to someone calling him a shill. Without having proof of any covert biases on his part, it's better to take what the man says at face value. That doesn't include agreeing with him.


 Well Tom he is , well being promoted here:


The League of Women Voters of Broome/Tioga Counties will sponsor an information program on New York DEC’s Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Study on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011. The program will be held at 7 p.m. in the Hubbard Auditorium of the Tioga County Office Building, 56 Main St., Owego.

The speakers will be Dr. Ronald Bishop Biochemist, SUNY Oneonta and James “Chip” Northrup, real estate developer, energy investor and environmental advocate.

 This might be the case Tom


James "Chip" Northrop was former co-owner of Northrop Energy , which was sold to ARCO and subsequently became  BP Solar.   He was also  a partner and investor in the acquisition  and sale of offshore oil rigs, including the Teledyne fleet and WR Grace  fleets.  He holds a BA from SMU and an MBA from the Wharton School , University of Pennsylvania  MISTAKE HERE ? SEE http://www.facebook.com/pages/Leonard-L-Northrup-Jr/105642789468941 Looks like a typo was not caught as this aligns itself up to close.  Question was James “Chip” Northrup Leonards son and in the acquisition process accumulate large shares of stock in the solar energy field that the gas play can kill right now?


James “Chip” Northrup: 
former planning manager at Atlantic Richfield;
oil and gas industry investor 

  Atlantic Richfield was taken over by Arco!


Tom; I didn't call him a shill but asked if it were possible that he is one.  With all his industry contacts, his family connections,  past dealings, and potential financial windfall, it would seem fair to at least consider this possibility.

With all that is at stake, and all the various groups involved with all their own agendas, I don't trust anyone, pro or con. Much of the anti movement is based on their investment.....financial, political, and emotional...... in so-called renewable energy like solar and wind. And it is also based on a lot if NIMBYism.

Jim-- No worries. I guess I was reacting to the time I once got called a shill. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. I live in California, and literally have zero "skin in the game". I am a writer and researcher and find the whole Marcellus shale development fascinating. Nevertheless, when I got called a name, it did sting a bit. I realize that you were merely raising the possibility something wasn't completely Kosher with Northrup.  You never actually said there was. I'm rather partial to him, not because I necessarily agree, but because he tries to educate people, and I've certainly learned a thing or two from reading his posts. --Tom


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