First Horizontal Utica Well Application received at WV DEP for Hancock County!

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Per §22-6-6. Permit required for all well work; permit fee; application; soil erosion control plan.
(a) It is unlawful for any person to commence any well work, including site preparation work, which involves any disturbance of land, without first securing a well work permit from the director of the WVDEP Office of Oil and Gas.
The appearance of an API number on the web page does not signify that a permit has been issued. The API number is used as a tracking mechanism until the permit has been issued. Under no circumstances should well work be commenced without a signed permit.
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API Permit
Number Permit
Type Current Operator Farm Name Well Number Permit Activity Type Permit
Activity Date UTM North UTM East DATUM
029-00141 1 HORIW CHESAPEAKE APPALACHIA, L.L.C. ALLISON, CAROLYN ALLISON HNK 3H M Casing Approved 10/16/2011 4483319.4974 538350.1149 27
029-00141 1 HORIW CHESAPEAKE APPALACHIA, L.L.C. ALLISON, CAROLYN ALLISON HNK 3H M Application Received 10/19/2011 4483319.4974 538350.1149 27
029-00141 1 HORIW CHESAPEAKE APPALACHIA, L.L.C. ALLISON, CAROLYN ALLISON HNK 3H M Signed Rec Plan Received 10/16/2011 4483319.4974 538350.1149 27

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Any one know whhere they are located? I live in Hookstown..

Hancock Co is a liquid area that should boost bonus payments after the production results

are released.  I'm glad I signed b/c I'm hoping to get in unit.

Good luck!

The first permit for a horizontal well in Hancock County is on King's Creek Rd!

Bernie:  How do you know we're in the liquids area?  Is it mostly ethane to make plastics?

Congrats on signing Bernie!

Thanks,  Todd

the Carolyn Allison Farm is on Chapman Rd near the intersection with Wylie Ridge Rd.

This is Norman Allison's widow (Norman whom taught at OGHS for years, Carolyn taught at NC elem School also)


Also a permit is in the works for sand and gravel down on the river near mountaineer


You might be interested in reading this:


It talks about Chesapeake's interest in the Utica

Anybody have the latest on the Allison farm well?  Which directions will CHK be drilling?  I heard they are drilling 6 wells from the pad.

does anyone know if they put the permit in for the one they are planning on drilling after this one


How can you tell that it is a Utica permit?

Cindy, only 1 permit applied for so far.  Second permit application is imminent.

Mike, the landman told me that they are drilling the Utica.  Also, there is only about 50 ft thick Marcellus under Hancock, but 350 ft thick Utica with very good carbon content.

Well, I now have the plat for the Allison well and it is not going down to the Utica shale.  They are drilling to the West Falls shale which is apparently part of the Marcellus. 

i talked to a landman and ches. is still going to drill on the allison farm will be some time in feb. weather permitting. and depending on what they find they may do 2 or3 others in hancock county


looks like they are moving dirt on the allison farm today



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