Has anyone been approched to lease your Utica rights in Ohio County WV ?

I received a call this week from Fossill Creek Ohio to lease my utica rights, does anyone have any

information on this company and how much it is worth to lease your Utica rights ?


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Fossil Creek was doing some leasing early in the 2011-2012 for GPOR.

Sounds like the same bunch who were leasing in NE Noble in 2011 and flipped them all to Eclipse.

What are they paying in Belmount county Ohio? I've heard as high as 8 thousand an acre and 20 percent royality but can't verify it.

They have offered us $2500 per acre @ 18% in ohio county wv.

Fossil Creek is starting to hit it hard in Marshall Co.  They are leasing on behalf of Gulfport.  They said last night that they are offering 2500/18% gross for Utica only or 4000/18% for everything.  


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