Looking for info on the freeland unit of meade dis tyler co

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Here is a Google Earth photo of the area of the Freeland Unit. The blue line is the Pleasants County line, yellow is the approximate location of the Freeland Unit and red is the proposed 2H well. I can't find a completion date for the well, so I don't think it has been drilled.

Thanks Bob I own land in plum run I think I will be in this unit I will keep my fingers crossed

List of leaseholders from unit map

Bob, could our property near Wick be part of this unit. Sounds like a new unit development. Bill

Bill, I know your minerals are around Wick, but I don't know exactly where. The Freeland unit will be too far to the south to reach the Wick area. Chesapeake has a permit for the Henderson well which is south of Wick. Horizontals from that pad could extend to Wick Rd about 0.7 miles WSW of Wick. Bob


My family is in this unit. A couple questions. I thought that units were usually around the 640 acre size. Is this just a depiction of one well (2H-256.1 acres) in a bigger unit? Also, how did you get the google earth photo. Did you create this or is there somewhere you can get these?

Jim, by the size of the unit and the proposed location of the 2H well, I believe the unit will have 2 horizontal wells. Normally, each well will take up 100-125 acres. A 2nd horizontal well in the unit would be about 1000 ft west of 2H. Units of 640 acres will usually contain 6 wells. I create the unit map and horizontal well and superimpose on the Google Earth aerial photos.

Bob I looked the well up on wv dep and it shows 8 differant units does that mean more laterials to come

I am sure it does! The most laterals I have seen on one pad is 10. Usually 5 drilled to the NNW and 5 to the SSE. Was that 8 units or 8 well permits? What was the DEP site you looked it up on? I was only aware of the one well.

Wv dep well no 4709502185 www.dep.wv.gov/.../4709502185.pdf


Could you check that dep address again. Got Web Page Could Not Be Found error. Thanks.

Hey Jim type in freeland unit 1h meade dis tyler co wv


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