Last year Southwestern Energy acquired many of the Fortuna/Talisman Friendsville Group leases.  Recently, Southwestern has begun to send landowners proposed amendments to the leases. 

On February 23, 2013 the Friendsville Amendment Study Committee held an initial organizational meeting to discuss the issues relating to the proposed amendments. 

If you hold a Friendsville lease that was acquired by Southwestern, and wish to take part in the discussions, please reply to this message.

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The Fortuna/Talisman leases are 5 year leases set to expire in Oct. 2014.  The amendment that we received to date deletes the entire pooling/utilization section and the offset well provision and replaces it word for word with a boiler plate lease section 6 pooling that was used in 2007.  It totally wipes out all the hard earned provisions that the Friendsville Group worked so hard to get.


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