I was wondering if anyone knows of any company that is looking to lease ground or that is still leasing ground in Columbiana County, specifically Unity Township. The majority of the land around my piece was leased about 3 years ago when all of this activity first started but I have heard nothing since. It seems that the boom may be over, but who knows. I would appreciate any feedback.

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Here is where a little research will pay off.

First, if you have any property, OTHER than the Unity Township property you are seeking to lease out, that you have leased you should go back and read that lease specifically looking at the language as to what property/parcels are being leased.

For example, the DPS Penn leases being pushed by DPS Penn back in 2010-2011 had a clause that said not only were they getting the parcels listed in the lease but they were also getting ANY OTHER PARCELS you may also own.

Next, do a records search on some of the players in the Utica Shale play on the Columbiana County Recorder web site.

One of the surprises you may find when you do this is that one of the late players is recording leases in Columbiana County, BP America.  You may recall that BP America is the company that signed the ALOV Leases in Trumbull County.  Check out Instrument 2014-00001559 and 2014-00001560 recorded on 02-11-2014.

Also check out Instrument 2013-00016174 on 11-23-2013 which is a document showing BP America flipping leases to Chesapeake. 

Something else to note is that the language on many leases binds subsequent companies to the original terms of the lease. So, if you like the terms of a BP lease better than the terms of a CHK lease it would be better to pursue BP even if they end up flipping the lease to CHK.  CHK likes to direct you to DPS Penn for leasing.  DPS Penn then flips the lease to CHK.

BP America has an office in North Jackson just south of the intersection of County Road 18 (Mahoning Ave) and Bailey Road.

You should also watch the Primary and Secondary terms of the Lease and also look to see if there are any wells permitted nearby.  CHK is not going to be able to drill all of their leases by themselves before the primary term expires and probably will miss the secondary term on many as well.  They are probably going to be looking for a longer term lease.

Any one heard of any companies leasing smaller parcels say 2 acres that are surrounded by larger leases from Chesapeake in eastern stark county ?


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