Without getting into acreage amounts or royalty rates, I would like to compare notes (with those who are willing) on the sale price/mcf that is on their royalty statements. I feel that this can only help those that feel they are being shorted. My latest statement from Gulfport for Nov. 2015 production states that the gas was sold for $1.31/mcf.  I'm not asking for discussions on deductions or taxes, etc. Just the sale price.

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Rice...pa. well curtailed .71cents ....

Ohio.    Beck Energy.  Oct.   1.61 per mcf      shallow well

Please include the month of sales. Mine went from $2.04 in Oct to $1.31 in Nov

Ohio November 1.74

Magnum Hunter $1.40.

$1.58 per mcf in November.  Does anyone know how they set the spot price per month?  Shouldn't it be the average price during the month?  I have a real problem with the lack of information provided by Gulfport on how they determine the royalties.  Last year in October, they went back and revised all the royalties for the earlier months and decreased them.  Then in December, they did the same thing.  It decreased so much that we didn't get any royalty for one month and only a small amount for another.  They provided no explanation of the first decrease and when I called them after the second decrease, they told me it was due to "post production costs".   Have others had their royalties revised after the fact?

I've had mine revised a couple of times but both to my benefit. SWN

This is a great conversation as we are rolling out this very feature on our sister site, shalecast.com. So after you discuss prices here, go find your well and sign up for our price reports. 

Here's more about that - http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Royalty-Owners--Compare-your-mar...

chief was 1.15 in oct in Sullivan co  pa

$1.08, SWN, Stevensville, Pa. November

 Anadarko  ,  Wyoming County PA    $1.22 

Why are the prices provided here so much less than the NYMEX quoted prices?  If NYMEX represents the current market value, why are the E&Ps selling the gas for 50% of the market value?  And why are the E&Ps not using their hedge values in stating their prices?  Their hedge values really are the true market value, and the true pricing they receive for selling the minerals


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