Congrats to the landowners in Marshall county wv. Faster well had initial flow back of 29.4 a day for the first 48.

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Gastar success on the Simms well in Marshall County was 29.4  on a "short" lateral of approximately 4500 feet.

Read the analysis here:

I wonder what it would produce with a 6 or7k llateral.
Wonder if someone will break this numbers down

Good news for Gastar and the landowners who benefit! I hope Gastar has continued success with their Marshall County acreage and that they drill our land soon.

My land is in Marshall county--how do I find out if the new well affects me? 

Chris Stevenson


It will effect you because this shows the companies that the wells are good in this area.  It derisks the area.  you are in a good area.

Thank you, Jason. That's a positive uplift. Glad to hear it.


Did you see the article that said if Gastar would have had a 7500 ft lateral it should have produced 49.6.  Easily the highest ip in the Utica to date.  There are a few more test wells being drilled that should define the area better.  Its looking good unless someone can point our something I am missing.


they are hitting big ones in our area.  now the question is will they hold up.  will the pressure stay high for awhile.  are we getting large ip's because of the depth or the amount of gas.  Im hoping its a combination of both.  Either way we have wet Marcellus and Devonian with BTU in the 1250 range so they will get to us eventually.  I feel your pain in the waiting game. 

Yeah, it's totally a waiting game and not really expected. At least knowing that my family owned property in WV was a windfall. If something happens that's awesome.

Good luck to others in the area and under the umbrella of Gastar. Let's hope we hit.

I suppose we'll know if a well goes in or around or under our property via a notification with the intention to drill. I think that's how it works, anyway.


Here is the website for the WV Office of Oil and Gas for their weekly reports

These usually come out sometime on Monday. The Permits are arranged by county, and at least one page has a plat or map with royalty owners listed (if a lot of them, some are listed and a complete list can be had at from the Office of Oil and Gas). You can see what is happening, at least as far as permits issued is concerned.

Go to this page: Horizontal Drilling section

and on the right hand side, near the middle, is a link to click on to sign up for the mailing list. You can choose counties to be notified (by email) about. This will list the permit number but also the location, given as Northing and Easting. With this information, go to this page:

and put in the Northing and Easting values. The location is shown, and you can zoom in. If you are familiar with the features of the county, you can see if this is near your property.

There are plenty of other things to do and a lot of information on the WV Office of Oil and Gas website.

Thanks you so much for this reply and information, Nancy,



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