Geophysical study was completed for Venango, results were "available" in March, has anyone seen them?

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Landowners should have this data.....If anyone has any information on this it would be appreciated. 

Why should landowners have this data?  Did the landowners pay to have it acquired?  Would they even know the first thing to do with it?


Only a few O&G companies will pony up for the new dataset and they probably won't be sharing it on GMS anytime soon.

According to the site, the results were to be made public in March. If they were made public, and are available, the landowners should have the data in order to make an educated decision when and if they are presented with a lease. This discussion was meant to inform the landowners of the study, and the results if in when they are available. 

Landowners did not pay to have the study done, however, IT IS THEIR LAND, THAT IS BEING STUDIED, AND MINERALS UNDER THE LAND BELONG TO THE LANDOWNER...If G&O companies are doing research on something THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM, for the purpose of profit, it is my feeling that the data should in fact be shared and made available to them....Just my opinion....

good luck with that

kinda a like a goggle earth sat pic of who has timber

the seismic cost money I AGREE that what they saw is ours but how do you get that info without paying for it they are able to look into our windows and see us in our pj's  

Haven't seen them....but I'd suspect that someone has.  Just a few weeks ago, we got a letter from a 3rd party offering about 40% of what my house & land worth to purchase my mineral rights.  First time that has happened in 22 yrs.  Sorry guys, I shredded the letter because not even a consideration for house is here and I will control the access to my land.  All I can say is someone must think there is something under me. 

what location are you and congrats sounds like things are looking up in your zip


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