My lease has been expired since April.  I sent 2 certified letters to Chesapeake with no response.  I called Chesapeake and they said between 30 and 60 days I would get a letter in the mail saying i was released. Its only been about 3 weeks since i called.  Should i wait 60 days>?   An attorney said it would cost around 1000 dollars to file the paperwork with them to be released.  Is anyone having similar problems?  If i sign again will the new gas and oil company file the paperwork to release my old lease?  I think i seen online where eclipse prepared the paperwork to release a Chesapeake lease for a landowner.  Whats the best way to get Chesapeake to release this lease? Or is there any attorneys out there that have time to do this at a decent price.  The one i talked to was too busy.  I feel like i could almost prepare the paperwork myself looking at examples of what attorneys have filed at belmont county recorders website, but i want to make sure its done right.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  

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Larry Piergollini in Tiltonsville..charges 100.00 to do this.

let us know what happens. seems any company that was connected to Aubrey Mclendon  screws landowner over. I think in Ohio the burden is on the land owner to get released by paying recording fees and filing paperwork. 

chesapeake released the lease without me having to do anything further.  However, chesapeake assigned my lease to 2 other companies.  One of the companies Total E&P is on the release but Dale Pennsylvania Royalty is not.  Will I be able to sign another lease without it showing Dale Pennsylvania Royalty  on the release from chesapeake?

I don't think another company would sign you unless that Dale PA is a dba of Total EP or Cheseapeake.  You got lucky i had to do the notice of forfeiture with great river llc and almost missed out on the whole boom. they paid me about a month before bottom fell out. those basterds!!!


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