Effective June 8th


Effective immediately: is implementing a new solicitation policy.


Any solicitation on GMS is strictly prohibited. This includes solicitation via any forum post, county group post, blog post, comment wall post, image upload, profile name or intra-site message.


Violations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


Note: A solicitation is an offering of goods, minerals, mineral buying or general services. A post leaving personal contact information will be considered a solicitation.


The reason for the change is simple. After review we have found that allowing soliciting in the county groups has not led to the addition of meaningful content on the site.

For people interested in promoting their goods and services, please see our partner site; we offer free listings



Keith Mauck


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Thanks for the kind words!

But how am I supposed to get $25,000 an acre now!!!?

Thanks!   I enjoy the site and the discussions.   I assume it will still be OK to pass on a reference for a business that we have dealt with as long as it is not our company. Many times knowing of positive experiences from other shale owners is a good way to find help.    Gary Keeney

Sure, just shoot the person a private message, no prob. 


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