Not much being said about this lease that Des has put togother?  Does not look very owner friendly?  Money and Royality good but looks like they capture everything ever found under your property.  Not limited to Utica and Marcellus.  It also looks like they can pretty much do anything  deemed necessary on your property.

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Those lawyers must have been high fiving each other when they saw you on the other side of the table with your tail between your legs.

A career landman knows twice as much about oil & gas as any lawyer and most oil & gas lawyers will admit that.  Little, if any, of a lawyers training involves oil and gas law.

Oil and gas is all a landman does.  There shouldn't be any professional who knows more about oil and gas leases than a career landman.

You're trying to punch above your professional weight Des.  You aren't qualified to negotiate a U-Haul truck lease.

Paul, I don't know what Landman you have met, but I think you give Landman way too much credit. The lawyers im talking about are serious and experts in oil and gas. Yes, most attorneys do not have extensive oil and gas experience, but to say the most Landman have more knowledge, that is a serious leap.
As for your cheap shots, they are just that. You have no idea of my experience or my knowledge base. Punch above my weight. Maybe your right, maybe your not. I know this, most of the people who criticize haven't done anything. Your either part of the problem or part of a solution. I know I'm a solution guy. You?
Pick all you want. I've help over 4000 people sign leases as their representative. That speaks for itself. I've never heard or seen one of them complain or be anything but grateful. So throw your cheap shots. Thatis all you are they will ever be. Cheap

I hope you did help people and good for you if you did.

Most of the landman I work with did practice law at one time before they got the oil and gas business in their blood. 

My opinion may be skewed.

Note Des:  the UT lease is not even remotely close to being the most one sided in favor of the oil & gas owner that I have seen.

The large landowners in Texas, especially East Texas and the Delaware, Marfa and Midland basins where I am currently working, have leases which are much more onerous on the lessee.

BLM leases are fine too.

Look fellas, the reason I started working with landowners was I didn't want them to get trapped in a bad lease like so many in PA and WV did. I felt that I could help people by educating them about the good and the bad with leasing their mineral rights. People in Ohio first got screwed by the coal barons. Then came the timber barons. I figured if I educated people, they would have a fighting chance against the oil companies.
I put myself out there. I never charged a dime for any meeting I held. I only got paid if the landowners got paid. Sure we made some money. But not what some people think we were paid. I read up on case law, spent hundreds of hours studying other leases and spent thousands of hours on the phone. I averaged over 6000 minutes a month on the phone. I read and returned over 10,000 emails. In the end, I'm proud of my work.
My accomplishments:
Negotiated the only lease ever that paid $1,000 per parcel at signing with Great River (AEP now Ascent Resources).
Negotiated the only lease to ever have a clause that guaranteed payment if the landowner cleared title. (Protege III)
In all, I help over 3000 landowners lease their mineral rights.
All my leases had depth restrictions for shallow right and deep rights.
We helped landowners receive lease prices of 7000 an acre in Belmont and Monroe counties.
So, I did my best and have been told that the leases we negotiated were some of the best leases signed in Ohio.
Were there better leases out there. Sure there were. But not by much.
I've been attacked again and again on this blog by people who know nothing about me. They have miss interpreted leases and passed themselves off as experts when in reality they had no clue in what they were talking about.
So there you have it, I did my best and I never had one complaint from the thousands of people who signed leases I negotiated or the thousands of people who attended dozens of my meetings to learn all they could and sign with someone else.
Getting $6,250.00 an acre and cutting me out of $200.00 an acre. Or in Monroe county, I bring an offer of $5,000.00 and acre and the majority of people jump to Eclipse for $5,200.00 an acre and signed a horrible lease. When you figure in taxes of 40%, that extra $200.00 was only $120.00 to them. And they cut me out for that after I held 85 meetings in Monroe.
Such is life.

I'm out of the loop - what recent events?

Yeah Renee, people have decided to continue to attack me because I offered to help some people who are not sure what to do about resigning or what happens if their current lease holder does not renew their lease. I guess I'm some kind of con artist out to cheat every landowner out there. Smell the sarcasm?
Well Mr Dess I'd say you are a really good salesperson.

Des, with all due respect, you're not an expert. 

You should not be advising anyone. 

You're not remotely qualified.

You give people bad advice.

You should not be playing the victim card---you victimized people with your faux expertise.

Your statements regarding the effects of market Enhancement language could not have been more wrong, more counterfactual.

Exit Stage Right!

Blah blah blah!!!! I have eight completed transactions with thousands of happy landowners. I've spent nearly eleven years in the business. The las 5 working with groups. So what are your credentials. I don't see people looking you up or calling you to help them. Or did I miss something. In the famous words o Motley Crue " Don't go away mad, just go away"

" Don't go away mad, just go away"

I don't think Motley Crue were the first ones to say that.

Why don't you try soaking your head?

Blah blah blah. That's all you got. No experience, no track record, just a bunch of blah blah blah!!!
Instead of tearing down, try building something.

The Lease you negotiated is the worst lease, for an oil & gas owner, I have seen in my 30+ year career.

Inter alia, you have the lessor warrant title; at the very beginning you give the Lessee the right of first refusal on a top lease. 

As soon as I saw those two, I got a sick feeling.

The whole lease is stunning. 

It's like you took every scumbag clause designed to defraud Lessors and strung them together.

Are you insane?

You took money for selling your clients down the river.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

But your not!  But you're not!!


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