Not much being said about this lease that Des has put togother?  Does not look very owner friendly?  Money and Royality good but looks like they capture everything ever found under your property.  Not limited to Utica and Marcellus.  It also looks like they can pretty much do anything  deemed necessary on your property.

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Your a moron, first right of first refusal has never, ever been a big deal. Basically states after primary term, Which could extend to 10 years after renewal,if they get another offer, oil company gets right to match it. Why is that a big deal.
Warranty their title, if you read carefully, its states once the lease goes into effect which means that the landowner has received its bonus payment of $6400 an acre, they have to warrant title. This protection allows the oil company to claw back any funds paid if something comes in the chain of title that shows they don't own the mineral rights. So you think oil companies should not be allowed to get their money back if their is fraud or any other incumbrance that shows change of ownership.
No oil company is ever and I mean ever going to pay that kind of money and not have a warranty claw back. Sorry but your crazy if you think so.
100 bucks an acre sure, but not 6400 an acre.
What about only lease to pay money at signing. Limits to force majuere, shut in, great development clause, awesome imdentity clauses. Surface and ground water protection.
Please your a drama queen emphasis on queen. 40 years, really. Never heard or saw your name holding a meeting or Negotiating anything.
Seriously your just a big talker with nothing to back you up.
Sure it isn't a perfect lease, show me one that is. I've seen all the leases that an group of any size has signed in this area.
We took what the company offered through negotiation and brought it to the group, and they decided to take the lease.
Funny, their biggest concern was the unit clause and they were worried all the units would be 2000 acres. Once they understood it was based on lateral length, they were happy with it. And I'm not going to debate acres and spacing and such. Overall great lease with initial payment at signing. Nobody ever had anything like that ever. So, please!!!!

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Thank you Ron, at least you have some sense.


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