Evidence that we’re headed toward a national water crisis and that the government has failed to take water testing seriously:

Flint, Michigan - lead contamination

Toledo, Ohio - algal bloom

Elk River, West Virginia - chemical spill

Animas River, Colorado - acid mine drainage

Dimock, Pennsylvania - fracking

Pavillion, Wyoming - fracking

Parker County, Texas - fracking


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Numerous studies have proven that "fracking" did not affect water quality in Dimock, PA; Pavillion, WY and Parker County, TX.

So lets take them off the list right now.

The Animus River issue was caused by the incompetence of a government agency - The EPA.

Flint, MI caused by decades of incompetence of Democrat bureaucrats.

Toledo, OH caused by failed Democrat policy which promotes the use of Ethanol

Democrat bureaucrats - the same people you suggest should be in charge of new over regulation.

Barry, check the "reporter" for this Washington Post article, he is an actor!   He most recently played a reporter in the movie Spotlight and he, Mark Ruffalo is up for an Academy Award.

Guess he thinks after playing a reporter that he is a real one.


Paul never provides credible sources, so this is no surprise.

Here goes Paul again............GoMarcellusShale's liberal environmental warrior citing liberal journalistic articles passed off as science and truth again.  I'm surprised that even with the warmer "climate" now, Paul is not off hugging trees somewhere...................

Gas Boy,

That's why Paul hasn't replied, his tree hugging group meets at this time.

And the leftists have the warm weather covered too. It's why they changed from man made "global warming" to man made"climate change". If it's to warm in the winter - climate change, to much snow - climate change, to little snow- climate change, to hot in the summer - climate change, to cold in the summer - climate change, drought - climate change, to much rain and floods - climate change, a lot of hurricanes - climate change, no hurricanes - climate change; and on and on.

They now blame every variation in weather and climate on man made climate change.

Man made climate change is as much of a myth as man made global warming. It's all a hoax.

Yesterday's New York Times story, "Unsafe Lead Levels in Tap Water Not Limited to Flint", http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/09/us/regulatory-gaps-leave-unsafe-l...

is focused primarily on pollution of water by lead, but it touches on broader issues more relevant to the gas industry's effects on water quality:

"The Environmental Protection Agency says streams tapped by water utilities serving a third of the population are not yet covered by clean-water laws that limit levels of toxic pollutants. ...

The biggest hole in the drinking-water safety net may be the least visible: the potential for water to be tainted by substances that scientists and officials have not even studied, much less regulated. The E.P.A. has compiled a list (http://www.epa.gov/ccl/chemical-contaminants-ccl-4) of 100 potentially risky chemicals and 12 microbes that are known or expected to be found in public water systems, but are not yet regulated."

One of the chemicals on the E.P.A.'s chemical candidate list is sec-Butylbenzene, a surfactant sometimes used in fracking.

Ok Chicken Little,

Here you go with the hyperbole.

The surfactant that you cite has many other uses other than fracking; including as an ingredient in many household products. Products that home owners dump back into the water system.

There is no scientific study that shows that oil and gas development is significant factor related to degrading public water (if any at all).

As usual you are employing your Chicken Little tactics to spread misinformation in order to cause concern and fear.

The Sky Is Falling!   The Sky Is Falling!    The Sky Is Falling!


Evidence that environmentalism is responsible for more deaths than fracking.


Thanks for bringing this up.

I mentioned it briefly in a previous post, but I suggest that everyone here read the article you have linked to.

Another place that misguided environmental extremism has gone wrong is the push for increased gas mileage in cars. In order to meet the gas mileage regs auto makers have made cars out of lighter materials such as plastic.

Unfortunately, the lighter cars are less safe. Auto related deaths have increased due to cars being lighter and as a result less safe.

These things don't matter to the extremists on the left. You and I our sons and daughters don't matter to these extremists. It's all about the goal, the ends justify the means.

I sincerely hope people read the article you have linked to


Thanks again for posting this reply


Your posting of this article is significant in that it presents many examples of the lack of seriousness of the environmental left; in particular those leftists that post false anti-fossil fuel laced propoganda.

One of our frequent leftist posters claims to be a man of science and steward (teacher) of students

consider this quote from the article:

 "It is shocking that Dunn, an assistant professor of biology, remains ignorant of Carson’s shortcomings, and deplorable that university students are exposed to a scientist who manifests such ignorance and failure to respect the norms of science."

Professor Dunn of course is the man of science that helped to propagate the misinformation of Ms. Carson. Ignoring all he knew of science.

We have our own Dunn who posts on this site; ignoring everything he knows about science in order to promote the false narratives of environmental disaster of shale development. And, sadly, as was the case with Professor Dunn this person is entrusted with steering the education of students entrusted to his care. A trust that he regularly disregards.

So for you, the casual reader of this site, be warned that those that present themselves as experts, because of their degrees and positions, are no less influenced by dishonesty than any of the rest of us.


First cause for concern about this article: the free market think tank that published this article, PERC, is funded by Koch and Exxon, so corporate interests may have colored their thinking.


Second cause for concern: the person that wrote that review in Forbes co-authored a book with the former president of PERC.

Third cause for concern: the PERC article perpetuates the unsupported claim that Rachel Carson's advocacy contributed to millions of deaths in Africa and Asia. A more reasoned review of the lessons of "Silent Spring" is here:


"Prescient ... she was just super smart and put all these pieces of the puzzle together. ... I continue to be impressed by her account from 50 years ago. ... In examples that Carson discussed in “Silent Spring,” the reason that DDT was no longer being used in some places for malaria was because mosquitoes had quickly developed a resistance to the insecticide. And DDT continues to be allowed for targeted malaria control."

My mistake Paul. However I'm sure the links and studies provided by the agenda less New York Times are gospel.


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