Has anyone heard of Gulfport Buckeye, LLC.?  I received a letter from them saying Paloma Partners III, LLC has changed it's name to Gulfport Buckeye, LLC. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about them.

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I think Gulfport bought all of Paloma.s acreage Paloma is gone especially if they have changed the name and before this downturn is over someone else my owner your lease...... a lot of acreage is already up for sale all over the 3 state area

Paloma Partners III, LLC has not changed it's name - they just sold most of their Ohio acreage to Gulfport, Hess and AEP Utica. http://www.gasandoilmag.com/gas%20&%20oil/2015/06/17/gulfport-e...    

Now I signed with Paloma and was expecting AEP to have the leases; at the last minute, AEP didn't happen - I ended up with XTO.  That is better for us, anyway.  


I'm surrounded by two year old AEP leases, but was bought by Gulfport Buckeye. They said they go by the name Buckeye.

Probably a way for Gulfport to keep track of which tracts they own; I wonder if they added the Hess acerage into that as well?   I just know that Paloma still exists in Texas.  Here you go:   http://www.palomaresources.com/partners/paloma-partners-iii/     Looks like they have a IV (4) now too!   They have a good system;get a lot of leases and either drill or hold until someone bigger comes along.  They were good to work with, so I was pleased.   Gulfport tried too but they would not alter the lease any, per my attorney.   

I hope it goes well for you, Terry!  :)

What surprised me was I'm 67 acres in Steubenville Township, Jefferson Co. and AEP would not give me the $200.00 per Acre to match the Paloma offer. AEP said it was because I was on the Steubenville side of the Township line. But Paloma bought me in the middle of AEP 100acre plus tracks. I guess I'm the monkey in the middle. I'll see in three years when it's time to renew.

Any word on Gulfport's solvency? 


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