Could you someone please let me know what might be going on with Gulfport drilling in Warren Township. Think they were drilling the Angelo pad and may have even fracked it.  We Have some acres in these units and have trouble getting info. Any helps would be greatly appreciated.


Mike Digity

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Mike - looks like 5 laterals going north are being drilled and 1 lateral going south is permitted. 

Thanks for the info. Sometimes it's hard to get.
Mike Digity

Trying to navigate the data can be challenging. I work for CX-Energy in Pennsylvania. I wish PA had a site with all the bells like Ohio https://gis.ohiodnr.gov/MapViewer/?config=oilgaswells 

Yea but this is still hard enough to get info from. Would have thought that oil company would have contacted landowners to let them know when drilling etc would be taking place but that's just how I would do things. I guess at some point a check may show up or not. lol

M Digity


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