Harch Environmental Resources of St. Clairsville Cited Again


"ST. CLAIRSVILLE, OHIO: Ohio officials say a company has been caught illegally dumping brine waste from the shale drilling process in eastern Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says it’s consulting the Attorney General’s Office for possible charges against Harch Environmental Resources of St. Clairsville.

The state said the company illegally disposed of brine and other oil field waste at a Belmont County farm. An attorney for the company said it has requested a hearing with the state agency and doesn’t think it should be banned from operating in the state.

On May 16, an ODNR inspector found standing water “and what appeared to be oil-based mud that had been discharged directly onto the ground.”

It’s the second time the state has accused a company of illegal wastewater dumping in eastern Ohio."

Nothing like handing the fractivists more ammunition

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"Gulfport Energy Corporation contracted with Harch Environmental to dispose of the oil field waste that was illegally dumped, indicating that Gulfport Energy Corporation failed to meet its responsibility to monitor oil field waste from inception to injection. ODNR is consulting with the Ohio Attorney General’s office regarding any civil or criminal penalties both against Harch Environmental and Gulfport Energy."


Can you give me the link that you quoted from so I can read the entire article.


Actually the article doesn't say they were cited again it says it is the second time Ohio has accused a company of dumping. So I believe this is the first time for Harch.


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