has anyone here worked with Western PA Gas Leasing consultants?

Hi all,

Anyone here familiar with the company...thinking about allowing a pipeline but still trying to determine who to use or trust for that matter....if uncomfortable about giving your opinion can you private message me? Thanks!!

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Yes I used WPGL for my oil and gas lease they got me double the amount of the bonus money than attorney I used on my first lease.The extra money they got me from what the gas company was offering me paid for their fees and then some.lf l need help with pipelines on my property l would certainly be using them again.

thanks Brad...if you don't mind me asking what area are you in? 

I am in Hopewell and Independence townships.

Although I haven`t used the services offered by Western PA Gas Leasing Consultants yet, I have a great deal of respect for their knowledge of the gas industry and aggressive attitude to secure the best deal for landowners.  I attended several of their regional meetings in Central PA and came away with confidence they would represent my interests properly.   I thought their knowledge was very keen with gas industry insights from staff members along with the legal savvy from their owner/president.   I believed the owner/president would roll up his sleeves and work hard for my interest!   When needed for my property interest, I won`t hesitate to contact them for help.


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