Does anyone know if the Rumor that Gulfport was bought by Marathon has any merit?

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I don't think so. There's not been much change in there stock price for several months. No announcement on their website or anywhere else that I've seen.

I didn't think so but the information was given to me by a Stock Holder. I know it has broken up into a few companies, my lease was bought by Gulfport Buckeye LLC back in February.

We originally were with Paloma but Gulfport bought our lease a couple years ago. Just wondering about if we are have any new changes. How did you find out? Did they send you a letter? 

Yes, it was in the lease agreement to be notified in writing when sold. The OH Paloma Partner III Company is now Gulfport Buckeye. They wanted W-9 form and other information. When I checked it listed about 5 different Gulfport Co.'s. Their # is 405 848 8807 name was Erin Wilson, Land Dept. Very nice person.

Thanks, Terry

No but according to Hail Storm Hale all the politicians in Ohio have


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