Our 5 year Gulfport lease is up for release or re leasing very soon. They have been pushing hard to renegotiate our lease in annual installments, no guarantee of more than a year payment.

We said no deal, we are choosing to stick by their original lease.

They say they have no money; what the heck are they doing with the millions of whatever measurement I don't understand coming from their four gangbuster producing wells they have here in Sunsbury Township, NE Monroe county Ohio ? Only Rice Energy has higher producing wells here abouts. We have called their bluff and said no way, pay up if want to keep your lease.

Does anyone care to share if their expiring Gulfport lease has been renewed and paid for ? Gulfport is counting on their leaseholders to remain stupid and fall for their bluff. But knowledge is everything when dealing with the gas companies.

Please share whatever information you might have about this particular matter; thank you !

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I have heard that Gulfport let some leases in the north part of eastern Guernsey expire without renewing them.  They had renewal option but didn't use it.  Also heard that a coulpe other companies are coming in to try to get some of those properties, I think Carizzo was one.  Has anyone heard?

they let me go in morefield  twp  Harrison county .  halo land management call me

Thanks.  Mostly looking for eastern guernsey info but anything helps.  Moorefield is not that far.  Good to know.


halo land management call me said 500 a ac over 5 years  I don't think so maybe 6 ac up front

As in 500 per acre paid once a year for each year until there is production?  I.e. $2500/acre over 5 years, assuming there is no production?  Am I interpreting correctly.?  Thanks again.

yes that's right

Disappointing compared to a few years ago...

Party is over....back to reality for most

If any mineral owner wants to know what the Shalers and their employees think of them---they should read Harry Ash's comments.

The Shalers are a mirror image of Mr.  Ash in thought and, problematically, in deed.

I cut and paste Mr. Ash's comments into a Word document.

When a mineral owner asks me for advice, the first thing I do, to get their heads in the game, is tell them to read Mr. Ash's posts.

If the Shalers had any respect for the people of Appalachia there would be no sweetheart deals with the pipeline operators, no negative balance royalty statements, no market enhancement rip offs, no White Shoe Law firms putting the boots to mineral owners and on and on.

Not true Paul....I just detest grown men crying, whining and bitching....DO something about it and stop the incessant complaining.....unlike 99% of you I spent over 20k with a top notch O&G attorney to WRITE MY OWN lease with chk....then I sold some of my mineral rights to an energy investment firm out of Houston who audits every single royalty statement from all producers for accurate payment....any one of you could've done something like that....instead you bitch bitch and bitch....I evened got help from an attorney who was the former general counsel of continental oil....most morons did NOT DO THEIR DUE DILIGENCE and are now paying the price....business is business....most of you should've stayed out of it since you have no business acumen ....you all make me laugh...99.9 percent of you are all liars anyway....you lie to your children about Santa Claus, easter bunnys, tooth fairys, etc, etc, etc and then get pissed when someone lies to you.....most of you are clueless

Oh Captain! My Captain!

Harry, we the clueless, bask in your awesomeness. Someday I hope to grow up and be just like you. I think I can maybe come to grips with the truth about Santa Claus, but the Tooth Fairy too? I'm going to have to struggle with that harsh truth. I can't even begin to strip the Easter Bunny from my life. I think I will go sit in a corner and weep. Thank you for being strong among those of us who are weak and simply lesser beings. How dare people exchange pertinent information among each other? You walk straight, and a head taller among the worthless around you. You are my captain.

Please, for all of our sakes, keep an eye on your blood pressure --- Just sayin'.


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