We're still waiting to sign and have lease offers in the wings....... should we wait a few more months or sign now? Will the $$$ go up? Has the interest moved to the Utica in Ohio and away from PA?

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friend you... new on here.  where and how on this site.

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In my opinion the payments expected are based on three factors. Dry gas, wet gas and oil.

Dry gas 2500 - 3000

Wet gas 3000 - 3500

Oil         5800 - 7000 

Do you have any idea what they are finding in the SW part of the county near the Greenville and Mercer County line?  I have not heard of much recent activity.  A few years back sevral wells were made active over along Rt 18 between Greenville and Adamsville and out towards Atlantic and on over towards Jamestown but things seemed to stop about 2-3 yeasrs back. Any thoughts or info you may have heard or know?



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