Have you received an offer to buy your minerals? What State/County/Township are you in?

I'm in Ohio/Noble/Marion and continue to receive offers.  14 so far by mail, and another arrived yesterday.  Post your information and I'll draw a map of "mineral interest".    Have your offers increased, remained constant, or stopped coming?  Just curious, and it might be fun.  Thanks.

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I have property in Belmont County, Pultney Twp and Bridgeport Corp. My neighbor told me he signed with Marcellus Shale but I never heard anything about anyone in my area leasing rights. I am interested! 

Earlier in this thread, Mark Duncan said he had several offers for his acreage in Pultney, so there must be interest out there.   I don't know who is active in that area, but maybe others can help.  You can friend request Mark for more information.

Can you tell me how the minerals look in Randolph County W.Va.?  Here are some of the areas I am interested in - Elkins, W.Va. Beverly, W.Va., Huttonsville, W.Va. We have over 30,000 acres that have not been leased in this area.  Thanks.

Charles:   Chesapeake/Statoil have interests in NW Randolph and Eastern Randolph.  I don't know of other interested companies, but there certainly could be some.   With 30000 acres, you have a serious opportunity there.   Best of luck.  Have you had any direct offers to buy your minerals/royalty rights?  That's what I'm trying to do here; draw a map of interest across the shale play.

Ohio/Mahoning/Canfield township.  3,500 per net mineral acre from Riverland.

PA, Venango County, Polk

Recently accepted offer for 5 year lease on 142 acres at 3200

Was this Shell? Glad to hear leasing isn't dead in Venango County!

richard -

  is halcon back out picking up leases? i'd love to get a lease.

Sorry for late reply. Missed somehow. Yes this lease is from Halcon, not Shell. The offer was made early last year but took extra time to finalize because we already had a lease for shallow rights weth a different company so they had rights to match the offer and 90 days to decide.

So I am not sure if they are still leasing but it seems they are serious about the Polk/French Creek area. This land is 2 miles from the Allam well that was recently successful and they are building a 2 mile pipeline to it now.


Hoping once they do that and get production going they will drill on our land and extend it another 2 miles.

Ohio/Mahoning/Green Township.  Offer from Riverland for $3500 per acre. Is this worth contacting Riverland for?

There have been a few others in Mahoning that have been contacted by companies interested in their minerals (see earlier posts), so Mahoning does hold interest out there.   One of the many maps of the "windows" shows the oil/wet gas line running through Mahoning and that position is of great interest to the drillers, although there are many other variables that determine where they drill.  Chesapeake and Consol appear to be active in your area.  Only you can judge whether to sell your minerals or to lease and hold them in hopes of gaining royalties from a well sometime in the future.   I'll attach a map from ODNR showing drilling activity in Ohio to illustrate.  Keep reading GMS.  Best of luck.


I'm in Bradford Co., PA

I've received several offers from $2500 to $5000 per acre.  Received 2 this month so far.


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