Have you received an offer to buy your minerals? What State/County/Township are you in?

I'm in Ohio/Noble/Marion and continue to receive offers.  14 so far by mail, and another arrived yesterday.  Post your information and I'll draw a map of "mineral interest".    Have your offers increased, remained constant, or stopped coming?  Just curious, and it might be fun.  Thanks.

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yep....being able to quit working early has a monetary value that only the individual can put a price on.

My guess......is that the royalties will be $30,000+  per acre over life of well....thats what they know.


it is all about time and risk, and how much of it you are willing to take to get full potential out of your land.

I like that number Paul plus the fact that if Im not drilled on in 2.5 yrs I am open to release again.

I suppose $30,000 is based on 1 well per unit.  But there is a potential for many wells per unit.   If there are 6 wells, then $180,000 per acre.

Donna:   This new outfit fits so neatly in the category of "Flipper", and not a true offer to lease.  As Bob says, their area of interest is right in the middle of Antero's living room, so these guys are probably hoping to sign up some leases, get a critical mass together to catch Antero's eye, and flip them before any payment is due, saving a few % off the royalty for themselves.   If Antero is slow about dealing with them, all who leased will be getting extension notices unless the fine print in the lease keeps it in force until YOU write them a letter and request it to terminate.   Then, there is probably more language that keeps it in force for a certain period of time after you request it terminated.   If they can't flip it for the promised amount, another letter with new lease @ $5000/18% will arrive in the mail for the landowner to sign.....which of course would be incredibly stupid because they could go directly to Antero and do better....

A new company to add to list:  LL&B Minerals Company of Austin, Texas;  letter received today 8/20/13; they are a group of petroleum engineers, obviously they would have insider info that landowners would not have;  they are interested in following Ohio counties: Harrison, Guernsey, Belmont, Carroll, Noble, Columbia, and Monroe.  No price per acre stated.   Anyone else receive this letter?     I am in Jackson Twp. Monroe Co.

Searcherone:   Yep, I've been contacted by them.  Marion Township/Noble.   I put their offer in with the rest of 'em, and now have just about enough offers to wallpaper the mud porch lol.

So paper it then. Probably would look better papered with hundred dollar bills though.

Richard:  You said it best.   All I need now is that well....and some paste.........

I realize this discussion was started long ago, but more mineral buyers emerge everyday.   Just saw this new one today:   RTB Minerals LLC is advertised as a subsidiary of Beck Energy Corp.


Absolutely correct ! The opportunists will take advantage of the weak.

Just as I posted long ago about up front bonuses, if you don't need the money then wait.

There are tales now of people being paid $10,000 an acre for their mineral rights. Are they true ?

Perhaps, and probably. In certain areas all you have to do is some simple math. $10,000 will turn into several hundred thousand dollars in a short time.

If I owned acreage (which I do) I would not sell the mineral rights unless I absolutely had to have the cash.

If you sell you are being swindled.

Rick, you have been posting about selling for at least six months.  lol I don't think you want to sell.  Rumor mill has it  that 14,000 per acre in Noble and 12,000 per acre in Monroe has been offered.

Rick did you read the prior post?    Are you are facing bankruptcy or divorce court in 2014-- then sell.   

Good luck and wise decisions for 2014.


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