A news story today:


China Details Vast Extent of Soil Pollution

About a Fifth of Nation's Arable Land Is Contaminated With Heavy Metals

"The extent of China's soil pollution, long guarded as a state secret, was laid out in an official report that confirmed deep-seated fears about contaminated farmland and the viability of the country's food supply.

Nearly one-fifth of the country's arable land is polluted, officials said in the report, shedding unexpected light on the scale of the problem—a legacy of China's three decades of breakneck economic growth and industrial expansion.

The most common inorganic pollutants found in China's soil were the heavy metals cadmium, nickel and arsenic, according to Thursday's report. Cadmium and arsenic, both known to cause chronic health problems, are byproducts of mining."

The lesson we should all learn: we need government regulation to protect the environment: the soil that our crops grow in, the water that we fish, the air that we breathe. It's time for the United States to tighten regulations that were loosened when the Halliburton Loophole was put into law, that exempts the gas industry from regulation by the Safe Drinking Water Act. Failure to do that will mean more cadmium-laced rice in Hunan, more MCHM in Charleston drinking water, more trihalomethanes in the Monongahela, more oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.


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Yes! More government! Please impose your will and make all decisions for me dear government. Protect me from all things capitalist and evil. Take all land and grow us safe crops. Cleanse the air with the absence of independent thought. Create large committees that can take all risk from life. Place me and my family in your bureaucratic utopia so we can pay homage to your greatness.

thank you repo man!!!

Well said!

China will find a way to send it to the US and we will pay them for it. They paint toys with led paint and we buy them for our kids to chew on. Our government inspectors probably work 9 to 5 and off on weekends they can not enspect every container that comes into the US. Don't worry about China . If u want to help the Americans stop sending all your hard earned money to china.

China has no regulations at all NONE, NADA, ZIP, NOTHING.  To compare the US with China is just plain insulting.  Individual states regulate oil and gas drilling.  We do NOT want the federal government involved in something that A) they know NOTHING about and B) is NOT their job PERIOD!  The Halliburton Loophole is a crock of $#!+ and you know it.  And you can have all the regulations you want and their will still be accidents.  There will be hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, wars and rumors of war and there is not one thing you can do about it!

Methinks this poster was exposed to heavy metals at a young age.

And currently huffing too many unicorn farts...

Nuke the communists....

To much heavy metals must cause severe light sensitivity and squinting.

Paul wants more government control of our lands and waters.  Makes you wonder if he understands that in China the GOVERNMENT owns the land and the water.  Does he understand that in China the GOVERNMENT owns the mines and most of the businesses that produce goods?  Does he understand that those precious solar panels that the Eco's so dearly love are creating huge amounts of heavy metal pollution through the mining of the elements required to produce them?

Lynn you are so right

Ragnars and James-great points from both of you.


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