The same 2 or 3 Semi's have been traveling Rt 285 North towards Rt 22 all morning carrying pipe and what looks like enormous shut off/diverter valves . Anyone know where they are going ? Trucks head back south empty within 15-20 minutes for another load. Same trucks for a few weeks but today seems nonstop.  

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Carrizo.  Going to Sligo rd. east out of Birmingham, to the Brown well site.

Which County is the Madison Township you are referring to located in?

Guernsey county

Just saw the last semi returning empty . Hate that damn Jake Brake noise but I guess it could be worse , I could be living next to the rigs.

They are slowly,but surely heading west,closer to I-77,going for the OIL.

Went looking for Sligo Rd off Birmingham today . No luck . Seems the only land owner with enough acreage to accommodate a well pad is across the road from me at Burson Rd and Rt 285 so I guess they will hop over us here. There goes all my dreams of a yacht and a Ferrari :) . Good thing I don't like boats and prefer to go slow ,  

You have to go thru greater downtown Birmingham,{don't blink}. go straight at end of town. that's Sligo rd. Go about 1or2 mile, you"ll see the well gate on left. Brown property.You may not be able to see the rig from the road. It'll be  down over the hill. Only gonna be a small rig to spud the well. then the big rig will show up in a couple weeks.




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