Does anyone have any information on the herrick site in lee township?

The drilling rig seems to be gone and I see 4 laterals on the odnr map..Is this pad producing yet or being fracked?

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Lee township monroe county Ohio that is

It's a secret every thing in monore county is a secret  the dangel well now the Herrick well !

I have been seeing many sand trucks the past two weeks at the Roadside Park in Jackson Township and have assumed that at least some of them had been going to the Herrick, but have no actual proof of that.  The Magnum Hunter presentation  shows the Herrick coming online in the Eureka Hunter pipeline in April.  So it is possible it is producing, but I am just guessing.

I saw 3 tanker type trucks leave that pad saturday but what was in them i dont know

Puzzled look for the diamond sign on the tanker and it will have a four digit number;  that number is used world wide on trucks, rail cars for the contents,  some of the diamonds are red some black;  it can be looked up to see contents of truck--which is what emergency responders have to do;    but lol those tankers hauling brine will just say brine on the truck.

I'll try to find a link to the numbers.

 i do know they didnt have brine labeled anywhere.I wasnt close eough to see the diamond or I just didnt notice it..........

I here checks should be on the way soon

Anyone hear the roar or see the reflection in the sky between 1:30 and 2:30 am May 22?  I think it was a flare from the Herrick well.   Sounded like a jet engine.

No but I am still very interested in what this well produces.............


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