I thought your comments were excellent and very informative.  Please don't go away...I have several wells in Greene County two which have started production and several in the process of being drilled.  Also getting ready to sign the papers regarding another 100 or more acres for drilling....

I want to hear more from you...your explanations were excellent!

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Brian...Thanks for your contribution to the learning process all of us landowners are going through now.  Be assurred that your replies aren`t being challenged by us, and we hope that other professionals wouldn`t be intimidated by your replies, too.  A question....A frequent concern I hear about drilling locations is the issue of faults.  What can you tell us about faults and how they may alter drilling plans in a specific area?  Are they common, and if so, are drilling plans seriously changed to avoid them, or can a gas company simply drill around them or whatever?   Thanks...


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