I recently watched the movie "Hillary's America" I recommend every American see that. It explains the history of the democratic party and the rise of the Clintons. It talks about their views on the oil and gas industry and the war on coal and fossil fuels. I came away from that movie enlightened and disturbed. If she becomes our next POTUS we are in for trouble on a biblical scale. Our country will cease to exist as we know it. Has any one else on site seen this? 

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This guy, Robert, is a product of the fake news media that foments hatred and spews forth lies about our new President. Think about the many more like him in our country today who believe everything they hear from CNN. What a shame....

Lance we have  elderly neighbors across the road from us. They are both near 80 years old. For 30  years I  dropped my tools and crossed the road to help them. Cut their firewood, brought my splitter over and split it. worked on their cars, , climbed up on their roof to clean their chimney. During the election campaign we put Trump signs up. She came over into our yard and told us off. After the election my wife was in the yard planting flowers and  the 80 year old neighbor walked over and starting cussing my wife out. Yelling " he's not my effing President, Trumps an effing idiot, I effing hate him all the while waving her finger in my wifes face. My wife picked up her tools and walked away. Next day she realizes that she crapped in her own bed and called to apologize. Too late we are done with you, no more snow removal, no more cutting and splitting firewood. You are on your own. Might sound crazy but I belief God sent Trump to save this country.

Amen! Me too and many others do too. It's the fake news and the liberals that have 1/2 our country hating this man because of jealousy and a hatred for our American way of life. These liberals want to change us from a free country and turn us into a socialist country weaken us and then usher in a One World Government with the U.N. in charge. That was Obuma's purpose and Hilliary would have clinched the deal with other world leaders while enriching herself and the Clinton family and ensuring their protection. Just my opinion 

Like I said the greatest threat to democracy is the uninformed voter. You better get back to fox news. 

Yes Robert I agree, and you are a victim of CNN and other liberal media outlets that keep preaching this Hatred toward this POTUS and do not give the people accurate and balanced information on key issues, just how to destroy Trump. These liberals and democrats are the real losers and enemies of this great country we call home. I bet you have been a life long Democrat and refuse to admit that the party has changed from what it once was, party of the working family. No longer... The Dems are now the party of the rich...look at the Clitons, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and others who have gotten quite wealthy supporting lobbyists agendas and not that of the people There has been a big turn around. If you cant see it or refuse to admit it youi are no better than Libs that keep preaching hate and ignore the important things that need attention. Not how many diet Cokes the POTUS drinks and the fast food he like to eat. You need help Robert... Sorry you are so blind to the truth.

God likes perverts? Right!

God even loves you Robert.....

Corvette :

Some Reality ::

Elders on fixed income have seen prices rise and their income stagnate.

No employer wants to hire them even if the are able, ready and willing.

Employers would rather hire millennials deep in educational debt (College / University tuition).

Social Security so called 'Cost of Living Adjustments' do not address the Cost of Living expenses realized and are consumed by their Supplimental Medicare and Prescription Insurance Premiums.

Still there was no reason to take their wrath out on you as an individual who has tried to assist them.

Hope you both mend the new fences dividing you.


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