Can anyone tell if this will be a producing well or part of the storage field?

Take notice that on July 11, 2016, Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC (Columbia), pursuant to its blanket certificate authorization granted in Docket No. CP83-76-000, filed an application in accordance to sections 157.205 and 157.213 (b) of the Commission’s Regulations under the Natural Gas Act (NGA) as amended, requesting authority to modify certain natural gas storage facilities in the Pavonia Storage Field located in Ashland County, Ohio (Pavonia). The proposed construction is an effort to recovery the overall field deliverability at the Pavonia, all as more fully set forth in the application which is on file with the Commission and open to public inspection.

Currently, the Pavonia consists of 298 active wells and 2 observation wells and is operated with a total storage capacity of 45.4 Bcf, including 20.8 Bcf of base gas and 24.6 Bcf of working gas. Over time, the sub grade soil conditions around the reservoir degrade and cause restriction of gas flow through the existing vertical wells. Columbia proposes to construct a 540-foot horizontal well (Pavonia 12595) within a geological-favorable area of the Pavonia peaking group, 220 feet of 6-inch storage pipeline (SLW- 12595), and appurtenances. The main purpose of the proposed facilities is to maintain field performance late in the withdrawal season when reservoir pressure is lowest. It is estimated that the new horizontal well will provide 25 MMcf/day at the wellhead. Columbia’s request seeks no change in the certificated physical parameters, including total inventory, reservoir pressure, and capacity. The construction of the proposed facilities will cost approximately $2,750,000.

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This describes a horizontal storage well to improve deliverable rate to the storage field.  Columbia did their first horizontal storage well about 25 yr ago near Charleston WV.

Q: When was the first horizontal fracking well constructed in the United States?
A: The Barnett Shale Play in Texas was the first site for horizontal fracking in 2002.  Fracking technology for shallow vertical wells was developed as early as the 1940s; however, its widespread use in combination with recent advances in horizontal drilling to extract oil and gas from deep underground shale formations has fueled the current U.S. energy boom. 

I thing maybe the well near Charleston may have been a directional well and not a horizontal well....25 years ago they were not drilling horizontal wells.....directional wells are drill on an angle but not to see prove they drilled a horizontal well 25 years ago


There was at least 20 years of industry effort prior to George Mitchell's success in the Barnett.  The tools and techniques did not occur overnight and its been years perfecting those and lowering the cost.  Directional drilling has been used a long time in the industry, especially offshore since WWII and horizontal developed from that.  See what the EIA state in their 1993 report, (

What Columbia learned in their first attempt in 1993 is the performance gain for the cost of a horizontal well in this instance was was not worth it.  It appears they think otherwise at Pavonia and the well plan is very similar to Coco "C" #12073, permit 47-039-02798.

There is no mention of the horizontal work Columbia did on the workover permit issued in 1993 in WV records at the Office of Oil & Gas ( or the

WV Geologic & Economic Survey.  (  Company personnel gave presentations at storage industry meetings in 1994 and 1999 discussing their efforts and results (see attached, link unknown).

Great find fellas. As I got to the bottom of page 7 and top of 8 I see the 2900' horizontal plus well will be hydraulically fractured. Thoughts? Sorry I have never been involved in anything around storage fields but done a few Clintons in that area.
So if the horizontal is fracked does the landowner get a royalty off the gas or does it go into the storage field? This well was listed on the ODNR COUNTY ENGINEERS PERMIT on Tuesday but now it's gone.

No royalty on storage gas.

Sylvester Deal I think what Bluejack is referring to is will the gas produced from the new horizontal we'll be metered and the landowner compensated. I learned today Columbia is planning 3 fracked stages.


Whatever financial arrangements for compensation when the field was converted to storage in 1951 then apply.  Are payments being made on existing storage wells?   Bluejack can answer that question.  It is unlikely that royalty payments on storage gas was part of the original conversion agreement.  A new storage well of any type in an existing storage field reservoir does not create an obligation for royalty.

3.3 acre drilling pad


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