How can I find out the status of an oil lease online..I have the original lease and a copy of the lease when it was sold to Chesapeak..I called the clerk of courts office and told her I had the book and page number and she said I don't know what that is..she wanted a case number..lots of numbers on these papers..

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Depends on what you mean by status.  Do you want to know who currently owns it?  It could take a lot of work, and it could be owned by several parties.  Or are you trying to find if there was a well drilled under that lease?  Or something else?  Also, what State/County are you in?  Some counties have records online, some do not.

Had a lease from 2007-2017 never drilled..Chesapeak owned last..they didn't renew..We want to have the lease released..Chesapeak is not cooperating ..Jefferson county Ohio..

You need to contact the recorders office and give them the book and page. Leases and deeds are in recorders office

Did that.The girl I spoke to said she didn't know what book and page numbers meant,,She said I could come and search for records. I live in S.C.


Jefferson County records are not online.

Part of my work is title research I can help if you give me the info.

Thanks. I found a Lawyer who is going to do that for 100.00..Just want everything cleaned up so if we do decide to lease they can't use the excuse that getting the paper work done is keeping them from paying us..I don't know who the landman was with that visited my Mom but she stopped answering numbers she doesn't know because of the calls from these companies.


The main issue preventing you entering into a new lease is the current lease of record.

A release of lease must be secured.

This does not always require an attorney.

The company wishing to enter into a new lease with you may perform that work at no cost to you.

This is why I suggested, in a previous response, that you contact a company/companies leasing in your area.

You could tell them upfront that a release is required and you expect them to secure the lease.

I am familiar with companies performing this work.

I made an executive decision to let someone who knows what they are doing to get the lease cleared..Gas companies can hold up this process for their benefit and not mine. When the Landmen come back I hope I won't be at their mercy.

Rice has told me I have no oil and gas rights even though I have received a lease bonus payment and copies of the recordings of declaration of pooled units in Greene Cty, Center Twp. This all happened through Vantage before Rice took them over. They claim my mother who I inherited the rights from was the wrong person even though I and my sister was found from her info. I am in central Ohio, my sister was in S, Carolina and is now deceased. My name is also in Pa land records as Grantor  MEMORANDUM and grantee for one of the pools. I've been told Rice is far from honest. Any others experiencing this? What would be the best way to find out for sure if Rice is lying or if I am truly the owner of these O&G rights?


The assistance of an attorney may be necessary.

First,I would ask for proof.

Having worked in Greene County and Washington County I am suspicious of any

title based on the work of Vantage (my limited experience only). Meaning, that your

concerns may be warranted.

Again, ask for proof.

There must be a title search and associated legal opinion, upon which the company has based it's conclusion.

Demand a copy, at that point an attorney may be needed to review the information, and secure your rights.

Thanks Barry, I have emailed Rice twice and they did not respond to either email. I will try one more time. What would be the best way for me to research the title before I enlist the help of an attorney?

You probably need an attorney, and not a local one. Lots of gas/ oil companies have paid them off.


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