Does anyone know how close a gas pipeline can be to a house or other building in Pa?  Are there any state laws covering this distance? 

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I know that you can build right up to the right of way.

Thanks Mike.  I would have thought that there would have been some state or federal law prohibiting a gas transmission line so far from a dwelling.  I was also wondering how close to the property line they can have a pipeline, but that is probably the same answer, as close as the edge of the ROW. 

I have 2 - 20" high pressure lines 75 ft from my home and I have built structures up to the ROW which is 50 ft from pipe in recent times

Thanks everyone.  I have called the Pa PUC over the last couple days and have been told by 3 people during separate phone calls that I will get a call back, but no-one has ever called.  State emplyees!


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