I know that one of the cases in the Supreme Court won for the Mineral Rights. Is there any more cases pending and how does it look for the Mineral people? Bonnie

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   Dodd v Croskey has already been decided in favor of the mineral rights owners.

   The two cases before the Ohio Supreme Court that will likely decide whether mineral rights owners or surface owners ultimately prevail are chesapeake v corban and walker v nau. Both have now presented oral arguments before the court. Chesapeake is the mineral rights owner in chesapeake v corban. I thought their oral argument was pretty lame. In walker v Nau, nau is the mineral rights owner. Their oral argument was very impressive, I thought. Another very encouraging thing for mineral rights owners is that the chief justice definitely sided with the mineral rights owners. However, a judge Pfeiffer definitely sided with the surface owners. I couldn't tell that any other judges leaned one way or another.

   To watch these oral arguments go to the Ohio Supreme Court website and scroll down to "video archives". Then do a search for each case oral arguments.

   I don't know how long it usually takes before the court generally comes to a decision after oral arguments. I believe both were presented in june.

Thank you for the reply. So now it is the courts decision to decide who wins? Then if the mineral rights win, and a surface owner has your mineral rights, you can get a lawyer to get the rights back?


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