So how many lurkers do we have on here?  I see my last post had over 2000 views but not nearly that many replies.  Not that lurking is a bad thing - I did it for over 3 years until I got brave enough to post some of my questions.  Personally I lurked because I was hoping someone would ask the questions...I was afraid to ask and just general interest of what was going on.

How about a quick shout from our lurkers just to say hi or pose a question that you may have that you haven't found the answer to yet or want a different opinion on. 

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Yeah - why only lurk ?

Contribute to the discussions or start new ones !

The only question that is harmful is the one that's un-asked.

I agree!  and it gets easier to contribute when you know people aren't going to make snarky remarks about your lack of knowledge or what they feel are "dumb questions".  There are many kind and knowledgeable people on this board.

Lurkers = 4-5x those who are active posters...

The last question I asked went unanswered.  

It was:

The Rome Trough ends abruptly in the eastern portion of PA. Must the Rome Trough be present in your area to make the Utica productive?

The 'Rome Trough' isn't in my geography; but, I'll offer what I think I know based on what I've read here on these pages :

1) There are many who think it will be a huge producer someday.

2) There are many wells outboard of the 'Rome Trough' that are in production and as I have it are great.

That's all I got FWIW, hope it helps ya'  !


Much obliged!

The Rome Trough has little or nothing to do with the Utica quality or production. The Trough was a failed oceanic rift system that halted before the Trenton (just below the Utica) and Utica were deposited. In certain areas, the faults that bound the Trough were re-activated during later orogenic events and can rarely affect production by adding fracturing. The porosity and TOC that drive the production are clearly not related to Rome Trough.

AT this point, there are not quality resource shale plays ID'd in the Rome Trough Cambro-Ordovician rocks. The Rogersvile Shale was touted as a possible big play, but has failed to impress in the least.

The Kentucky Brochure lists 16 different Oil and Gas plays in the Rome Trough.

Exxon did a test drill in 1986 in Wayne County WV and one of the team members and I had a long discussion about what they found. He had to sign a document that he wouldn't talk about the findings by Exxon.

That results of that 1986 test drill by Exxon is on the internet today.

When an ocean teaming with life comes and goes over Millions of years the shale plays become stacked. Ohio is on the beach, as I like to say and has 3 major O&G plays.

I would expect a landman to down play the Rome Trough, but not someone in the know.

Do you work for an O&G company? Maybe do some leasing?  

I am an independent petroleum geologist w 36 years in the A-Basin. It is my job to ID the economic plays. You are correct in that there are a number of reservoirs located in the Rome Trough Cambro-Ordovician, but none are currently economic as it stands with low gas pricing. The only shale with what looks like acceptable TOC is the Rogersville, but I believe that the high TOC area is not as widespread and predictable as is needed.

Your comment about Ohio being "on the beach" is kind of correct for some of the conventional reservoirs (Berea/Clinton) but very bad for shale plays, as you need deeper, anoxic (no O2) waters with lots of nutrients for algae. The shorelines shifted back and forth across Ohio during many periods.

Hey Greg and all...thanks for the info. We are located in north central Susquehanna which appears to have Utica potential according to the most recent mapping. Thanks in advance for any info that can be provided in support of this theory or not.

The Utica does indeed have some potential, but likely significantly less than what are now thought of as the core area. The Core Area is ID'd based on TOC % and thickness of high TOC, which is highest in the SW PA area. I can send you a recent map. The production from the couple of UTica wells in the area was significantly less than the BIG wells in SW PA and NW WV. In today's pricing environment, I don't expect to see much in the way of Utica drilling up your way, as companies will focus on where they get the best bang for their buck.

How about the oil window of the Utica  Gregory ?

Waterless fracturing ?

Last I heard / read price needs to go up and recovery techniques need improved upon.

Any progress on those techniques made as of yet ?


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