So how many lurkers do we have on here?  I see my last post had over 2000 views but not nearly that many replies.  Not that lurking is a bad thing - I did it for over 3 years until I got brave enough to post some of my questions.  Personally I lurked because I was hoping someone would ask the questions...I was afraid to ask and just general interest of what was going on.

How about a quick shout from our lurkers just to say hi or pose a question that you may have that you haven't found the answer to yet or want a different opinion on. 

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Thank you Gregory.

But I'm most curious about the Northern Tier and more specifically Ashtabula County (my near geography) and the parameters I mentioned earlier pertaining to Utica Point Pleasant depth and thickness and existing Clinton wells approximate what I've gleaned from observations along with various ODNR and Private Reports, Investor Presentations and these pages.

So, if you can clarify any unknowns pertaining to my near geography please do so.

Thank you again Gregory.

Thank you for gently delivering the bad news. Ha!


    The Rome Trough starts down in TN  and extends through KY, WV, PA, NY, and Canada.

There are maps of the Utica on Range Resources Quarterly Reports and Keith published some new maps in the past month of where the Appalachian Basin Plays (Utica, Marcellus etc) extend to. 

Try posting your question more than once and try County Posts for your area also.

I have generally been a lurker. Sometimes I want to comment but don't want to get into any arguments. I watch the status of the Utica, and am interested in how the shale affects the people and the environment, not just about the money.

My general position is that regulating this play is important both to the environment and to its success. ODNR has done a good job, but federal regs would be better, because at times it seems to be a race to the bottom among the states on the Ohio river.

This play will deplete, and the landowners and other residents will still be here.

Well, i don't consider myself a "lurker".  My reason for not participating is that I do not want to clutter up the conversation.  I could have responded with thanks to those of you (such as Ron Hale) who are in the forefront of keeping us informed but then I would forever be sending my thanks to all of you.  I may have a question in the future and will not hesitate to ask.  For now:  "Thank you to all of you who keep us informed and fight  for our rights"!!!!

A lurker shouting out! I did a post last year about being offered $2,300 an acre around March 2015 but by the time we were able to be released from the previous owners 5 year lease, it was July and the offer dropped to $300 an acre. We are in Bingham Township, Potter County PA. 

   Our neighbor behind us got 2,300 an acre. Because we had to wait for the previous lease to expire,, we were a day late and a dollar short. So, we are under no lease at all now and just waiting to see what will happen. With the neighbor being leased, there may be promise for us in the future?

   I love this forum, very educational, I like to come and read, read, read...


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