I own 22 acres in Guernsey county Ohio and I just found out that Chesapeake drilled one leg dead center under my land.  I confirmed this using the ODNR map on their website.  (My contract was with Shell but it was bought out by American Energy Partners)  My question to anyone that would know is: What are the chances of this leg catching all 22 acres, and why would Chesapeake be drilling under my land instead of American Energy Partners?

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Have you looked at the plat map?

Was you in the Mclain unit or one of the yockeys.  I have a declaration of the people in the McClain unit if your in that I can tell you how many acres you have in it

I know where your property lies. looking at my plat map, it looks like they have at least 20 of your acres. my info doesn't have the acres on it.  CHK has probably switched out acreage with shell or AEP.  they did that with the yockey unit as well.


How do I get a copy of the plat map?  We are in the Mclain unit well number 24308. The bottom hole ends in my pasture.

phillip,  that site does not have the right leg on it. it was changed. I found it on a different site. it is now 137.32 acres in the unit.  the site you posted under "millwood" is where I got my info.  http://www2.dnr.state.oh.us/Website/DOG/WellSummaryCard.asp?api=340...

Katie you can search the Guernsey county records online:


You may want to follow the Millwood township thread for more information on our area:http://gomarcellusshale.com/group/guernseycounty/forum/topics/millw...

Katie you may want read this thread about Division Orders before CHK asks you to sign one:


CHK seems to be using Division orders to alter the terms of your original lease. 

thanks for the info

KT, I was just thinking. We were notified by CHK on the original unit, at the end of Oct. However, you were not in that unit and wouldn't have gotten a notice. They then changed the unit which included you. we didn't get a notice on the new unit. Did you get a Declaration of Pooled Unit?

No.  I have received nothing from CHK.  I received a letter from Shell on Oct 15, stating that my lease had been assigned to American Energy-Utica LLC a subsidiary of American Energy Partners. 


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