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 Let's Make Sure All Landowners Are Entitled to one FAIR SHARE

                           This article is for the support of House-bill 1684, which will turn out, most of you do not know about.


Because they don't want you to.


House-bill1684: The house Bill Supporting you receiving your FAIR share

An Act amending the act of July 20, 1979 (P.L.183, No.60), known as the Oil and Gas Lease Act, prohibiting certain deductions from royalties. The law requires oil and gas companies to give a minimum royalty of 1/8th (or 12.5 percent).



The gas companies have disregarded this act, when most of you have signed.

Some gas companies including Chesapeake have paid for their actions, others have not.

This article is for those who have not been held accountable yet.


Studies show the majority have signed with recieving far less than the guaranteed amount, not knowing that they have.

This is the cause of decptive persuasion:


As land owners, who have leased out our mineral rights without knowing all the facts concerning post production cost, caused by being deceived,
                                                                "what can you do?"
  Studies show more than 2500 other land owners, have fallen victim to the decptive practice of "Land agents". "Land agents" have a particular job of convincing the landowners to agree to post production cost without ever showing an elaborate breakdown of the post production cost per mmcf. As land owners are lead to believe that we will only be paying for a SMALL percentage of the overall post-production expenses, instead of all post production expenses. HOWEVER, because of the lack of full discloser, Landowners end up paying for the FULL price of the post-production expenses, instead of what they promise of "small percentage".

This alone contradicts House-bill1684 which they guarantee of apart of every landowners rights.


The following information is about a lawsuit, that modified the word royality, unforatunetly on the landowner's behalf.
A lawsuit in 2010 known as Kilmer vs. Elexco. started the confliction, the case led to a unanimous State Supreme Court decision. The court ruled that since Pennsylvania's law didn't define the word royalty, the industry could use its own "definition".   


These land agents are given free rein to do and say whatever they want in order to convince the people to agree to a lease that is anything but fair with absolutely no accountability. If you were one of the many lessors to contact your land agent it has been said they avoid the issue like the "Plague". 

As it now appears a lot of people will end up paying for all post production cost, which could lead to a possible major debt for citizens.


They are selling the gas at retail value yet LANDOWNERS are paying for all the cost to refine,  are paying for all the cost of transport, and even other processes, so the gas from the wellhead is marketable.

Simply put: The gas giants are wanting to buy Landowners cattle and want the Landowners to pay the cost of the feed it took to make the cattle marketable.


These practices are unethical and the "Gas giants" need to be found guilty of swindling, thievery, and larceny. In your benefit, you should contact your legislators and insist that they represent you and your right of House-bill 1684, and support any changes that will guarantee you to your right to no less than 12.5% royalty with absolutely no deductions. For this movement to work sign at
I am here to provide you the information of what is really going on, and hope that justice is not just some dream that is unachievable by the people up against the "Giants". Gas companies are not your get-rich ticket. However, on the contrary they can be your worst nightmare, they can pave a road of misery, and mental torture along the way of path of debt.
In summary of conclusion:


House-Bill1684 exists, all it needs now is recognition:
 Please sign the petition, so that every landowner will not be cut short of their percentage, and not have a bill coming into their mailbox, instead of a check.

 Support House-bill 1684 and make sure every landowner has their right to their share

Sign petition at

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thanks I will do that.

I'm lookin' to share on Facebook, as I do not have email addresses of those I want to share it with.

There is a facebook share option as well, with the link that I'm providing you, 


-Matt Farve


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