Why would I want a oil well? Well I thought I've seen a lot in 62 years but never thought I'd see this. Note not even a gallon!

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lol;  Congress should call in all the bottled water companies and have hearings.  Make them all line up and take an oath to tell the truth! Accuse them of cooperate greed.  Call them modern day robber barons.

Wait until they start selling bottled air- no pollution in it. lol

  I really doubt I'd want to drink water from where deer congregated around a spring to begin with. 

   I often wonder if the marketing director of Coors beer was ever fired? Coor's spent millions in advertising  made from Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water. Gee if its so great in beer why not sell it without the alcohol in it then?

They did try and it was a flop.

Ya think Rocky Mountain Mountain Goat snow runoff water would have been a seller?

Water in a bottle, air in a can. Next someone will try and sell dirt in a bag........?


Really hope so, I've got a plenty I could let go of for some of those anti-fracker's in the city.

They do sell dirt in a bag =)  It's at garden centers every spring! lol

In the early 90's I got 14 dump truck loads of topsoil. Each load cost about what a premium bag of potting soil costs today. It's funny how the things that are abundant and once thought of as free cost so much.

Yeah but this is engineered dirt now!

They use the metric system whenever doing so improves their bottom line.

This is America.  Stop with the metric system already!!!


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