I received a survey permission form for the Leach Xpress from Columbia Gas Transmission

Can anyone tell us more about the Leach Xpress Pipeline? I received a survey permission form for this from Columbia Gas Transmission. This is another FERC line. Are the landowners treated fairly with compensation?

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Once these "public utilities" know they have FERC on their side when deal with the landowners then they try to strong-arm you. If you start raising the bar on what you want paid then they cry foul.

AEP uses the same tactics. They have the "public utility" stamp on their side and they want to be in charge and control everything that occurs on your land. You will be paid what they say and you won't complain. See how much power they have, is this the United States or a communist country???


      Go to alov.us and look at the Pipeline Easement PDF on the first page. I modified it to be more specific if you want to see an improved version. The contract needs to state the number of pipeline, the size, the content, pressure, exact location by survey etc. You won't see that on a ROW contract carried to your door by the pipeline landpeople.

We had pipeline people going through several neighborhoods picking off the uninformed by having them sign a Right Of Way document that would steal any future money the landowner could have made on a pipeline.

You have to know what you are doing if you plan on negotiating a pipeline ROW. It's best to use a lawyer, with a few exceptions. One lawyer gave the ROW contract to the pipeline company who one lined out several paragraphs then gave it to the landowner to sign, my neighbor. Needless to say that lawyer got a bad review from me and my neighbor didn't sign the ROW contract.

If the Rover and Leach Xpress pipelines cross my land. I will have five pipeline rows crossing my property. I won't have any free land left. 


Has maps, FAQ, etc. I saw a Google Search result of this site quoting $5.74 per lineal foot. The post has apparently been removed.LEACH XPRESS PIPELINE RIGHT-OF-WAY AGREEMENTS

Jay, I agree with you totally. Just beware when they start getting pushy with the public utility jibber jabber. FERC is their savior. I'll hold out until the end. Either they pay what I want or it will drag through the courts.

The offer from Columbia is $30/ft, plus Temp Construction rent and fixed fee for damages to crops, fences, trees, etc. $30 is not awful. The terms are pretty rough, though. No restriction on size, pressure or number of pipelines. Any material that can be transported by pipeline. Restricted from structures, fences, paved or gravel road, shrubs and trees. Follows Texas Eastern ROW. They will have eminent domain.

I am not facing a pipeline decision on my acreage at this point in time.

However, IMHO,  landowners should think $30 is AWFUL!    As far as fixed fees for damages not all property is created equal and some property is highly productive farm land, some is timber and some is what I refer to as "great for goats"--steep, rocky and overgrown.   Damages need to be paid per type of property

I agree that better terms should be sought, and each property has its own unique value. I am simply stating what was offered. There are practical considerations as well. If I were to sell this property to a neighbor, without mineral rights, it would bring about 1/10 as much.  I expect to counter offer with more favorable terms, but there is expense in that, just as there is additional expense in Columbia taking the ROW through the courts. This becomes a calculated risk. In the end, the pipeline will go in the ground.

Just like I've said, with eminent on their side, they will low ball you and make all the rules. They try to strong arm the landowner.

jay, how about the fact that most of these outfits don't want to give you any money upfront when you sign. they want 2,3,4 year option to build it or of course flip it to someone else for $150 a ft.

I still think it is a better deal to lease it yearly.   Look at all the  gas $$$   that goes through it yearly.  Think of your Grand Children.....   Just a thought.  


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