I recently inherited some rights and am interested in the current activity in Marshall County, WV

I recently inherited some mineral rights from my mother, who had inherited them from my relatives from 100 or so years ago down in Marshall County.  I'm a complete newbie to this, and so far, Google has been my best friend.  I know she signed a 5 year lease (with right to extend) around 2-2 1/2 years ago with Chevron.  To this point, she had never received any royalty checks.  I know the shares are split around 40 ways, after all the descendants of my relatives were tracked down.  I've been looking at maps of current wells online, and it seems like there are quite a few in the Marshall County area.  I know the land (I recently inherited) is in the Webster district.  However, I am not sure of it's exact location to see if there are any wells currently near it.  I do know, however, that Chevron Appalachia, LLC has wells in Marshall County.  I was curious if anyone on here has more information about current activity in the area, as the original lease is already half over.  I'm just wondering if this is something that I might actually see dividends from in the near future, or if they leased it "hoping" to find something in that area and didn't.  If they do start pulling up, I was wondering what kind of dividend checks I might expect.  I know this is highly variable, depending on any number of factors (share, current prices, well production), but am curious as to a ball park figure...$100/month, $500/month, $1000/month?  My plan is to put it straight into my retirement fund, if I start getting payouts at some point.

Any information anyone may have on being a rights owner in this area, I would be extremely grateful for!



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You'll probably see some money from it at some point.  A lot of development going on there right now.  As far as finding the location of your property, take a look at the lease your mother signed.  It should have a parcel number on it somewhere.  In Marshall County they are typically in the format X-X-X.X sometimes some of those number are two digits, and sometimes there is no decimal/nothing after the decimal.  Webster District is number 15, so your number will be something like 15-X-X.X.  Then you can go here: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=a84daaa2420f... and click the down arrow to the left of the search field, and select Dist-Map-Parcel, and enter your parcel number.  This should pull it up on the map.  You can compare its location on this map to whatever well map you are using.  Hope this helps.

Thanks G H. Useful link.

Thanks for that link.  I'll check.  I have a parcel number from the county tax bill I received, but it's not in that format, just one long string of numbers.  Chevron is currently working on getting me transferred over as the holder, as well as a copy of the lease my mother originally signed since I cannot find it in her paperwork.  Her "organization" system worked for her, but to me it's just stacks of papers!

The way I see it, they probably wouldn't have paid for the lease if they weren't pretty darn sure they would be getting something out of it! ;)

I am not familiar with Marshall county but I know in other WV counties, the tax ticket for mineral interests has the first digits for the district, then "9999" meaning no tax map and parcel number (which would mean some surface ownership) then a several digit number for the account. There is no easy way to link the surface location with the mineral interest through the tax records. The title would have to be traced back to the separation ("severing") of the mineral rights from the surface rights. Chevron's land department did this using the county records.

Yes Nancy, you are correct, for tax purposes for certain mineral interests the county will use some 16 digit number like 9999-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.  Though I believe if they are CERTAIN it corresponds with a particular surface parcel, they will still list it under that surface parcel.  Usually an oil and gas company will try to put a corresponding surface parcel number on an oil and gas lease though, so hopefully Eric Martin has that surface number available to him.  The 9999 parcels are usually very difficult or impossible to link to a surface parcel without some significant research.

Also, Eric, if you are in contact with Chevron, you should just ask them what the surface parcel number is.  They will probably be happy to share it if they have that information easily available, which they should.


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