I am anxious to obtain a lease ASAP. Joined a group nearly 2 years ago but those prospects fell apart. I did get a hold of chevron directly but that really has not panned out. Own 80 acres in Beaver Twp., Clarion County, PA. Any advice or contact info would be appreciated

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My financial picture is not good. Currently going through a negotiation process in regards to my mortgage.

John, sorry to hear of your predicament.

Your acreage in the center of Clarion County is within what I have seen mapped as inside the wet gas window for the Marcellus.

I am a bit surprised that there has been no active interest; hopefully this quiet period is a temporary situation.

Some thoughts:

Contact all neighbors, and ask if they have been contacted by a Landman and who that might be.

Again make contact with Chevron and attempt to obtain the names of Landmen who cover your area.

Consider selling a portion of your O&G rights in order to satisfy your immediate cash needs ... retaining as large a percentage as possible.

Discuss your situation with a local Real Estate Attorney, they might have local knowledge that would be to your benefit.


Good luck,




Mark there is a  program  in Ohio its called Saving the Dream it can make you monthly mortgage  payment perhaps even pay off it off! (LIMIT had been $25,000 might be higher now or lower) The catch is that you can not sell the property for 5 years and must live in the residence for 5 years after obtaining the assistance.

 This program can be used by those with medical bills, loss of employment, under employment even a divorce. IT IS A GOVERNMENT PROGRAM no fees no cost to you. 

  There is no pay back upon receiving the assistance nor do you have to pay taxes upon that assistance. (Note though the 5 year restriction, and that is a prorated basis)

  The program was funded by the Federal Law suit against the bankers. Your local county assistance office should know of the program.

 By the way trying to obtain a lease while trying to go through a negotiation might put the  whole train of  your thinking into a tizzy.

I know someone on this now and they had their mortgage paid for 8 months now. They said it was not hard to apply for.

So do I Kathleen. They are now sleeping at night not thinking about being homeless.

If u Did sign a lease w Chevron it takes them forever we also live in Clarion Co Beaver Twp. we signed up and after the 180 days that they told us it took another 3 to 4 months to get our check as of anyone else interested i havent heard of anyone :( sorry 

GMS is such an awsome site, and resource.I Find posts, and responses like these to be inspiring!

                                    Thanks to all the good people on GMS

                                            Dan McClintock

M&P / CX may be able to answer your prayers! For more information see the most recent posts under the general discussion section of the website to the thread "M&P Being Sued". For a contact in Clarion County I believe there is an attorney named Brain Huwar who is affiliated with CX. (This post is sarcastic in nature and  I would urge careful independent investigation before joining any group.) I do think paying attention to the Mercer County and Venango County websites is important for obtaining a lot of information. You do have to sort the grain from the chaff. Best wishes and please try to be patient.

If your financial situation is really dire, it might be worthwhile to sell a portion of your acreage outright. Even 20 acres with the mineral rights might yield enough dollars to easily leave you with 60 acres free and clear. I would be hesitant of doing business with Paragon Resources, LLC or with Attorney Brian Huwar. I would immediately get an appraisal on the property if it were mine. I would definitely NOT let the bank foreclose on your mortgage. An appraisal of your acreage is critically important to see what you might have to sell in order to pay off your mortgage. I would consult a reputable attorney to help you hold off the bank while you attempt to work something out.

  Samuel  the Federal program I mentioned can for stall a fore closure. The bad thing about being between a rock and a hard place is it leaves very little room for movement and as a rule while the blood suckers keep stepping on the rock.

 Let me correct that, it is a Federally funded program administered by the states.


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